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Display Junction Launches New Portable Jewellery Display Table and Counter

by Ada Hazel

Display Junctio introduces a range of easy-to-use folding series portable displays with built-in LED illuminated display area for the gem and jewelry industry.

Mumbai, India (Merxwire) – Display Junction’s portable jewellery showcase and counters are a new line of foldable products that can be set up in less than 5 minutes and are a secure system with anti-theft features.

Display Junction said that most folding tables lack security features and may not even have a grass shelf. After a long test of the launch of the portable display table, as well as the desktop screen promotion table, we successfully created a bottom safe folding table.

If required we can build a bottom shelf to protect table from theft, as long as back door is properly locked by theft is difficult by inverting the table. Portable Jewellery Display Counter Show Case has a Tempered Glass / Acrylic TOP and windows as ordered by customers.It is available in three sizes viz. 27″, 36″ (most popular) or extra large 42″ standard or as per custom sizes required by valued customer.

This System comes in a double nylon Carry bag for carrying on shoulder. Larger sizes come in Sunpack stuffed double layer Nylon cloth carry bags.

Now Display Junction Offers, Portable Jewelry  Diamond Display Counter Six Models in

  1. Standard Counter
  2. Counter with easy access
  3. Counter in Gold Finish
  4. Counter with LED lit Display area
  5. Standard model with backlit fascia graphic
  6. Model with combined type 4 & 5

All models are available in standard or customized Sizes. We also have a matching line of Backdrops with or without displays.

Related videos: https://www.youtube.com/embed/4nAvwmJsn9E

SOURCE Display Junction

More information please visit: https://www.exhibitiondisplay.biz/portable-jewellery-display-counter

Media Contact Information:

Company Name: Display Junction
Email: displayjunction@gmail.com
Phone: +91-996-757-1713
Country: India
Website: http://displayjunction.in/

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