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AI Technology Multi-purpose Coating Product SC7130-UVB Resists Damage from Nature

by Audrey Hazel

AI Technology introduces the multi-purpose coating SC7130-UVB, which can be used to protect decorative metal, protect roof tiles, and be used on plastic insulation.

Princeton, NJ (Merxwire) – AI Technology has announced that its molecular engineering coating “SC7130-UVB” has been proven in many natural environments to protect decorative metals, roofing tiles and electrical insulation. SC7130-UVB is a fluorinated transparent polymer that has been proven to protect metals, plastics, ceramics and other structural materials for more than 30 years.

Multi-function application of SC7130-UVB:

1. Transparent Protective Coating on Decorative Metals, Plastics, Marbles and Granite Surfaces
2. Protection Coating over Traditional Protective Coating to Extend the Protection to 15-30 Years
3. Protection Coating over Ceramics High Voltage Dielectric Strength Protection and Plastic Insulation for Power Lines

More versatile coating

SC-7130-UVB forms a crystal clear transparent protective coating. Besides itself being resistant to UV exposure, it provides UV blocking to the underlining plastics and UV sensitive parts. The flexible coating has outstanding adhesion to most materials: metals (including polished) stones, ceramics and most plastics.

SC-7130-UVB  is ideal for protecting structures of hard to reach metal and decorative pieces and high rise structures and tall buildings.

More protection time

SOLARBLOC SC7130-UVB coatings can be used on bridges and other super-structures that are exposed and near water cutting down on costly and inconvenient/constant maintenance.  When applied onto existing coatings, it provides additional protection for extended years between maintenance for painted metals like siding, metal roofs, metal buildings, and doors.

SC7130-UVB has been proven to provide outstanding protection against salt spray and harsh industrial environment of acid rains. They extend the life of painted structure against moisture and salt fog in marine and coastal environments for protecting metal rails and parts around pools.

More insulated

SOLARBLOC SC7050-UVB is an even more flexible analog of SC7130-UVB designed for coating onto flexible plastics insulation such as high voltage lines and other flexible plastic structure. In the application for printed wiring board protection, the molecular structure had been proven to block moisture and water ingression. The chemical molecular structure is also ideally engineered for protection against sulfur laden atmospheric condition that transform into acid rain.

SOURCE AI Technology, Inc.

More information please visit: https://www.aitechnology.com/products/conformal-coatings/

Media Contact Information:

Company Name: AI Technology, Inc.
Contact Person: Maurice Leblon
Email: mleblon@aitechnology.com
Phone: +1-609-799-9388
Country: United States of America
Website: https://www.aitechnology.com/

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