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Yu Xiao-Jie Launches the Phone Case “PX1902 C” for iPhone in Dubai

by Ernest Harry

Description: Yu will present the latest design work “PX1902 C” at the product presentation.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota (Merxwire) – The world’s best mobile phone case designers will present this season’s new work at SSALRP’s new product presentation. Yu Xiao-Jie’s new work “PX1902 C”, is expected to be the most eye-catching work of this event at Burj Dubai. Taiwanese designer Yu Xiao-Jie will attend the top phone case brand SSALRP product launch at Dubai Tower (Burj Khalifa). SSALRP proudly announced the launch of new iPhone case “PX1902 C”.

The boutique phone case brand SSALRP will launch 2019 S/W new product in Dubai, and invite 16 top designers from seven countries to exhibit together. In the product launch, the winemakers of the three major French wineries and were invited to taste the wines of the top wine with VIP. Yu Xiao-Jie ‘s gorgeous design will once again attract everyone’s attention and be dedicated to every tasteful guest.

Taiwanese designers have been stationed in the global Chinese market in recent years, hoping to attract global consumers by combining products from China and Western culture. The richest man at the top of the pyramid emphasizes individuality and taste, and produces customized services to meet individual needs. Luxury phone case brand SSALRP price ranging from one thousand to tens of thousands of dollars, according to the budget and needs of customers to create a unique phone case.

“How to integrate East and West is often an important issue for designers” Yu Xiao-Jie said that the phone case order service is based on family history, life background, aesthetics and individual needs, and hopes to give consumers the ultimate luxury.


SSALRP is a well-known top mobile device handset design company with offices in the US, Dubai, France and Germany.SSALRP provides customers with a luxurious mobile phone case ordering service.

For more information, please visit the website: https://www.facebook.com/ssalrp

Media Contact Information:

Company Name: SSALRP Inc.
Contact Person: Caroline James
Email: carolinejames72@gmail.com
Country: United Arab Emirates
Website: https://www.facebook.com/ssalrp

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