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Merxwire’s press release brings more Facebook impression and reach to your company

by Business PR

The company’s business activities require frequent press releases to communicate the latest news to the market and consumers, and potential investors are one of the target groups for reading press releases. There are many press release distribution companies around the world, each offering different services to businesses. Merxwire’s press release distribution service is a favorite service for companies with major markets in the US and China. English and Chinese are the most spoken languages ​​in the world.
These three regions are the world’s largest economies, and English and Chinese press releases will receive the most opportunities to be read.

Your PR story will reach more people

In the past, Facebook Pages posts will be counted as Reach whenever they appear on the user’s News Feed, regardless of whether they have entered the user’s screen. Since 2018, Facebook will take the same calculations as paid posts. Only counts the posts that enter the user’s screen. This means that the number of Reach is the number of times the content is viewed by the user. This strict definition makes the touch rate displayed on the fan page 20% less than in the past, but the real one. The Reach number represents the total number of viewers who saw your posts. Why do your press releases require a higher impression and reach:

  • Audience traffic can increase business value.
  • The press release did not expose equal to no effect.
  • Most people use Facebook or Twitter every day.
  • More impressions may bring more interaction.

All in all, if your press release wants to get a lot of readers on social networking sites, you have to get a higher impression and reach. Merxwire can make sure that you achieve this goal.

1. Article get more Facebook impression

Your press release has been posted to our official account and real business stories are seen by users around the world. If your story is very informative and engaging, this press release may give you more opportunities to interact and share.

2. Main picture gets more Instagram impression

You can invite more well-known Instgramers to promo for your products at a cost, but this activity usually only belongs to large brands with a lot of wealth. We offer an additional service, we use a lot of advertising to help our customers’ photos, get a huge amount of impressions and reach. There is good news – we charge very cheap.

3. Description will get more Twitter impression

In some countries, we also offer exposure and promotion services on Twitter. Customers can purchase this premium service based on the target market area.

Reach on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram refers to the number of people who see the post. Some insight reports can also distinguish whether the hit rate is from a News feed, or see an article through a friend’s News feed.

Although the number is also an important indicator, from the reach data, you can see the depth of the real interaction of the netizens, understand the fans click, likes, leave a comment or share the post, help the brand manager to develop the community management strategy. For example, if you have more interactions with some form of post, you can try to publish the same type of article or press release.

Easier to use marketing programs

We have tested and obtained a lot of reach for you, we will provide you with statistics on the gender and age of these viewers (statistics in the insights report of social networking sites, without any privacy information), you will be able to refer to these materials, and Get better results in marketing activities.

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