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After McDonald’s investment, Plexure launched AI-driven Analytics Studio

by Audrey Hazel

Plexure is a leader in mobile interactive software and has grown into a self-sustaining cash flow active business over the past two years, and its share price has been rising. Now announced the release of its new product Analytics Studio.

Its release of Analytical Studio is a step towards the next phase of Plexure development and demonstrates its ongoing focus and commitment to creating a world-class customer engagement experience.

“The future of marketing is personal,” says Plexure Chief Executive, Craig Herbison.

“Through the release of Analytics Studio, we will enable our customers to create insight driven personalized interactions, with ease and efficiency. Analytics Studio will be an invaluable tool, to better understand consumer data and implement actionable insights to ensure we’re providing even more value to the end-user.”

“We’re dedicated to the insight and data analytics innovation and will continue to support our clients in amplifying their customer engagement,” he concludes.

Plexure’s technology has played an integral role in McDonald’s digital transformation with the Company powering a version of McDonald’s Global Mobile App in 48 countries outside the U.S. and other markets, including Italy and Japan. The USD 3.6 million transaction in April 2019 marked McDonald’s first-ever investment in a mobile app vendor, with Plexure being only one of two technology companies the global fast-food giant has ever invested in.

With over 120 million consumers on the platform to date, and its technology deployed in 54 countries in 78 languages, Plexure is changing the way consumers interact with companies and is well-positioned to continue on its upward trajectory.

About McDonald’s

McDonald’s is the world’s leading global foodservice retailer with nearly 38,000 locations in over 100 countries around the world. Over 92 percent of McDonald’s restaurants worldwide are owned and operated by independent local business men and women.

About Plexure

Plexure is a mobile engagement software company. Global brands use the Company’s products to engage consumers on mobile devices and drive them to store with personalized offers, mobile order and pay and loyalty. Plexure’s software integrates with operational systems to remove friction and create a seamless purchase experience for consumers.

Plexure makes the sales process for physical retailers seamless, engaging and profitable by identifying where customers are, what they want and then facilitating their purchases.

The Company’s technology platform and product offering covers five key capabilities:

  • Mobile order and pay
  • Next generation loyalty programs
  • Personalized offers
  • Analytics
  • Seamless operations integration

Brands that use Plexure see an increase in customer numbers and visit frequency, higher average transaction values, larger share of wallet and improved customer satisfaction scores.

The Company now has over 120 million end users on its platform in over 54 countries.

Plexure has offices in AucklandChicagoAtlantaTokyo and Copenhagen. Clients include McDonald’s, 7-Eleven, Ikea, and Loyalty New Zealand.

SOURCE Plexure

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