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“Views from the Cockpit: A Journey of a Son” Ross Victory’s new book is coming soon

by Ernest Harry

Ross Victory’s memoir “Views from the Cockpit: A Journey of a Son” releases June 9, 2019 through Amazon, Barnes & Nobles as well as local Los Angeles bookstores like Malik Books & Cafe, Vroman’s and Book Soup. After Victory’s father passed away from cancer, Victory evaluates his father’s life decisions and the legacy his father left behind. Victory, opposed to euphemisms, open-heartedly divulges the charming and unpleasant memories he shared; through this, readers realize not only Victory’s story, but discovers a nuanced and distinguished perspective on manhood, faith, love, loss and infidelity.

The generational parallels between a father and son are envisioned in this memoir. Both writers and world travelers, Victory often contemplates how connected his decisions in life are compared to his father’s. Like a metaphoric Chuck Close painting, Victory iterates each feature and imperfection his father had. Whether it’s recalling the joyous shared time watching airplanes fly in and out of LAX, or white-knuckling through his parents’ divorce after 30 years of marriage, Victory portrays each characteristic with acute precision. Open discussions on life’s deeper questions brimmed the two’s time spent together, and similarly Victory hopes to destigmatize the barriers that prevent young men everywhere from having these conversations.

With a remarkable ending, “Views from the Cockpit” is a memoir that galvanizes readers into introspection and profound conversations. Perfect for book clubs and fathers and sons. Its amusing prose can open candid conversations that so many long to have. For speaking engagements please contact Victory.

Pre-order your book now: Amazon or Apple.

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