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Logos Technologies Exhibits Updated Version of its Lightweight RedKite Wide-area Motion Imagery (WAMI) System

by Business PR

Logos Technologies will be exhibiting an updated version of its lightweight RedKite wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) system at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC), held on May 20–23, in Tampa, Fla.

Mounted on a variety of manned and unmanned aerial platforms (including Group 3 UAS), RedKite can image and record an entire city-sized area at once. In addition, the sensor provides users on the ground up to 10 different video “chip-outs” of real time or forensic imagery pulled from anywhere within its vast field of view.

The WAMI system’s upgraded software will make the viewer windows easier to use and faster in getting high-value intelligence to the operators on the ground.

“RedKite now has a more intuitive user interface for faster access to the imagery being collected,” says Doug Rombough, VP of Business Development. “The operators can quickly call up multiple streaming windows—it’s just a matter of punching a few simplified functions into their console.”

Besides the software upgrade, RedKite has recently undergone a successful demonstration at the Advanced Naval Technology Exercise (ANTX). The WAMI system showed how tactical commanders can detect and follow multiple targets simultaneously, enabling effective and persistent force protection, route recon, and operational overwatch.

RedKite comes in two versions:

  1. A platform-agnostic pod for planes, helicopters, and Group 3 UAS, and
  2. The RedKite-I, which rides inside the payload bay of the Insitu Integrator tactical UAS.

Despite employing a 50-plus megapixel camera, a high-performance edge processor, and storage capacity for eight hours of geo-tagged data, both RedKite configurations weigh fewer than 35 pounds. This makes RedKite the lightest WAMI system on the market today.

And to push the technological edge even further, Logos Technologies is developing an even lighter version of RedKite that will be integrated into Group 2 UAS.

For more information on Logos Technologies and its innovative products, please visit Booth 750, at the Tampa Convention Center, or the company website: www.logos-technologies.com.

About Logos Technologies

Founded in 1996, Logos Technologies LLC is a diversified science, engineering, and technology company specializing in the fields of advanced sensors, wide-area motion imagery, advanced analytics, and processing of large, multisource datasets. Logos serves government customers, including the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community and Department of Homeland Security, as well as a range of customers in commercial and international markets. Learn more at www.logos-technologies.com.

Media Contacts Information:

Media Contact for Logos Technologies
Susan Kerin
Director of Communications
+1 703-237-6550

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