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Actress, writer and Activist Annabelle Gurwitch Celebrates Earth Day

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Earth Day 2019 may get more attention and be a bigger issue for people than at any time in recent history. The first Earth Day was 49 years ago, and now it is a global event that involves more than a billion people. Just in time for Earth Day on April 22, actress, writer and activist Annabelle Gurwitch shares some important information about environmentally-friendly products. Annabelle hopes to inspire occasional recyclers to become “everyday” recyclers.

A great way to go green is Husqvarna’s Automower robotic lawn mower. It is an environmentally conscious lawn care solution that produces no emissions, fumes and it is ultra-quiet. No need to worry about disturbing the neighbors or wildlife either. It is a smart way to create a healthier, better lawn by cutting very small clippings frequently, which serve as a natural fertilizer. For more information, visit www.husqvarna.com.

It is so important to get into the habit of recycling. The most effective way to embed the habit of recycling is to introduce it at a young age. The PepsiCo Recycle Rally program offers resources to thousands of K-12 schools by providing incentives to recycle and an array of free resources online to make recycling fun, easy and engaging. Best of all, Recycle Rally is responsible for keeping over 400 million plastic bottles out of landfills. For more information, visit www.pepsicorecycling.com/SchoolResources.


Water is one of the most precious resources. The Greenworks pressure washer with Smart Flow technology assures the right amount of pressure delivery for the job at hand. This includes cleaning windows, the driveway or the car. The brushless motor also provides the extra power and performance to get the job done. It is great because there is no need to fuss with gas and oil or deal with the hassle, noise and emissions of a gas model. It is available at Lowe’s, or for more information, visit www.Greenworkstools.com.


Eating whole foods is not only good for the body, but it is also good for our planet. Bee pollination provides nearly one-third of the food eaten. However, bees face serious threats. From pesticide use to habitat loss, they need our help. Nearly 25 percent of our native bumblebees are currently at risk of extinction. Beesponsible® is a brand dedicated to making positive changes for bees and the environment for current and future generations. Beesponsible is supporting a non-profit conservation organization, the Xerces Society, with the launch of a new line of t-shirts on Earth Day to help save bumblebees. For every shirt sold, Beesponsible will donate $5 to Xerces to support bumblebee conservation efforts. Beesponsible makes great honey, too. There are more than 20 varieties available, from organic options to special flavors. It is called Bee Harmony Honey. Check it out at www.beesponsible.com.

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