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Rolling Stone Sure The Young Americans for its Place in American Pop Culture

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The Rolling Stone article written by David Browne positioned The Young Americans as one of this country’s premiere and most enduring performing organizations. The article is more than just an inside look at the organization and its history but is an account of how The Young Americans has been a prism of American culture and music since 1962.

David Browne first reached out regarding this piece in September 2018. The research he has undertaken has allowed him to bring to light the credibility and significant role The Young Americans has had in music and performing arts. While music and culture continue to intertwine, transect, transform and progress, an organization such as The Young Americans has been true to its mission and remained relevant for nearly 60 years.

In the coming summer months, The Young Americans can be seen performing in Japan, Europe, and multiple locations throughout the United States. The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts is accepting auditions and applications for those looking to join The Young Americans and become part of the legacy.

“To have The Young Americans understood and its contribution to music be recognized by Rolling Stone is an honor, but more importantly, we are appreciative of the recognition of our history. While our story may have gotten lost, The Young Americans never was. The Young Americans has been a prism of American culture and music for nearly 60 years. As illustrated in the article, The Young Americans has often been imitated but never duplicated,” said, Steven Haines, CEO, The Young Americans.

About The Young Americans

The Young Americans®, America’s Musical Ambassador, was founded in 1962 and is a charitable organization dedicated to the promotion of understanding and goodwill among people throughout the world through music, dance, performance, academic education, and cultural interaction among Student Members and their audiences. Our organization is built upon three core pillars.

The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts is a conservatory-style program of study for students who wish to combine intensive performing arts training with travel and leadership opportunities that broaden understanding of the global community.

The Young Americans brings 40 college-age performers from around the world to host a Performing Arts Workshop in your community. The workshop takes place over three days-two days of fast-paced rehearsal leading into an unrivaled, fully-staged show. Our unique teaching style provides an encouraging environment for students to push past insecurities and achieve the seemingly impossible. Our team comes from a diverse background which allows us to reach every student to reveal their best qualities as people and performers. As a result, our workshops energize and strengthen existing music programs while bringing people together, breaking down barriers, and uniting the community.

For more than five decades, The Young Americans has been wowing audiences around the world with high energy, professional-caliber performances. In addition to workshops and summer camps, annual performances include a two-week run of The Magic of Christmas, spring Broadway-themed shows, and one of America’s longest running Summer Dinner Theater.

Support The Young Americans Legacy: https://youngamericans.kindful.com/

Join The Young Americans Legacy: https://yacollege.edu/auditions/

SOURCE The Young Americans, more information please visit: www.youngamericans.org

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