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BidPrime Unveils Research Tool to Query, Analyze, and Make Decisions Business Opportunities.

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BidPrime Inc, today announced that it has completed programming, testing, and delivery of a new tool that draws upon a trove of historical competitive government bid/RFP data in order to give its customers more power and control over how they query, analyze, and make decisions regarding public-sector business opportunities.

Formally called Market Analysis, the innovative tool executes thousands of complex queries generated by user-specific search criteria. In milliseconds, it identifies and collects bids and requests-for-proposals dating back years or even from just minutes earlier, BidPrime said.

Market Analysis uses these data to generate a report that empowers BidPrime customers to make better strategic or business-operations decisions, according to the company’s Chief Technology Officer Josh Schwartzbeck.

“The report reflects detailed and reliable government solicitation information we’ve amassed in our vast government bid-and-contract dataset going back more than 10 years,” Schwartzbeck said.

“Market Analysis is only the latest in a line of BidPrime technology advances aimed at efficiently connecting customers to active and historical public-sector competitive solicitation data,” Schwartzbeck added.

“Data is our business at BidPrime,” he said. “With Market Analysis, our team has leveraged numerous innovative and robust filters and conditions to create an actionable product. The dynamic reporting executions that Market Analysis performs are truly remarkable. It accommodates, on-the-fly, thousands of user-specific searches and it aggregates millions of data points that include bid durations, frequent buyers, agency trends, and solicitation release time periods—information that can be incredibly valuable to a government vendor, but that until now has been difficult to usefully compile.”

Schwartzbeck indicated that current BidPrime clients have enjoyed limited access to Market Analysis in beta testing since last year. As of now, however, they are able to utilize the new tool in its totality.

“On top of everything else, Market Analysis can be specially tailored by our tech team upon request to provide individual users with deep-dive, fully customized reports,” he noted. “We are also amenable to assisting non-client companies that want to evaluate historical competitive trends and analytics.”

For more information on BidPrime, visit bidprime.com or call toll-free (888) 808-5356. To learn even more about the Market Analysis.

Media Contact Information:

Bill Culhane
VP of Marketing

BidPrime is an Austin-based technology company providing a database of comprehensive bid/RFP solicitations, purchasing intelligence, and analytical research support.

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