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CSR Group Acquires Meister International Aggressively Expanding its Sales into New Markets

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CSR Group announced it has acquired Meister International, an industrial manufacturer and supplier of switchgear components and pole line hardware. The purchase helps to facilitate CSR Group’s strategies to continue the development of insulators and hardware across multiple compounds and materials, while aggressively expanding its sales into new markets.

“The acquisition of Meister International has created opportunities to further develop synergistic relationships and cultivate the development of new products in both existing and new markets. Some of our new products include cycloaliphatic epoxy insulators and bus bar supports as well as pole line hardware. We are pleased to be able to further support our existing customers by offering a complete product line directly relevant to the needs of their businesses,” said Greg Smith, Vice President of Business Development for Meister International. “The acquisition fundamentally supports our long-term growth initiatives.”

About Meister International

Meister International is a proud member of the National Association of Electrical Distributors and has over 35 years of international industrial business experience. Since 2003, Meister International has been distributing the finest quality porcelain insulators and porcelain bushings to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and users of switchgear, transformers and bus-duct around the world.

Utilities, industrial manufacturers, refineries, steel mills, and paper mills are just a few of the market segments that rely on Meister International switchgear and pole line hardware needs.

To learn more about Meister International visit www.meisterintl.com.

Media Contact

Meister International
Mellissa Andre
(513) 923-2712

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