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FastestVPN Introducing Chrome and Firefox VPN Extensions for Faster and Smoother Internet Surfing

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FastestVPN today has announced the addition of two exciting new extensions for its VPN service. FastestVPN extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers bring VPN protection in a light-weight package. FastestVPN grants access to more than 150 VPN servers. These high-speed VPN servers make up FastestVPN’s global VPN network that is scattered across more than 20 countries. United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Canada are some of the countries users can choose from.

Built on the same core technologies that helped FastestVPN become a fast-growing VPN service, the extensions for Chrome and Firefox integrate VPN protection in a package that is lightweight and take a small memory footprint and work just as good as the dedicated app. It brings many of core technologies to provide VPN benefits straight to the web browser.

FastestVPN extension is designed to be simplistic. Accessing the servers is easy, click on the FastestVPN extension icon and establish a connection. The extension provides the same benefit of unlimited server switching and unlimited bandwidth – there’s no restriction. Get FastestVPN and browse the web anonymously, unblock websites or access geo-restricted content on the internet easily. FastestVPN goes beyond to protect against any leaks by preventing WebRTC leaks, letting users enjoy digital streaming services without being detected.

Kill Switch implementation protects the user in the event connection to the VPN server is lost momentarily. It prevents IP address from leaking out by terminating the connection to the internet. Similarly, Ad-Blocker provides the benefit of a seamless browsing experience by hiding annoying ads online. Internet traffic is secured with the military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, giving users highest-grade encryption for maximum protection against threats.

Message from Marketing Manager: Adam Miller

The announcement comes after FastestVPN saw a huge positive customer response from customers during the Black Friday and Christmas sales. The growing demands and expectations led to the next phase of growth for the VPN service. FastestVPN is proud to announce the addition of three more locations, bringing worldwide reach to 25 locations.

FastestVPN hails from the Cayman Islands and has made its mark in the VPN space in a short time. As the service continues to grow, FastestVPN is committed to meet customer expectations in delivering the best VPN experience.

About Fast Technology Limited

FastestVPN is one of the leading VPN service providers in the world that allows netizens to surf the internet securely without any restrictions. The VPN is coupled with state-of-the-art network security that keeps your devices and network safe.

Website: https://fastestvpn.com/

Source via FastestVPN

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