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Ignite Technology and Innovation Accelerate 100 Businesses in Chicago

by Business PR

Nonprofit Ignite Technology and Innovation is excited to announce its 2019 kickoff of “Launch 100“. The Launch 100 platform provides access to resources, education, partnerships and events that reflect and support business today. Launch 100 is a small business platform created to stimulate business development and acceleration in under-resourced communities.

“Launch 100 will focus on providing access to four key areas: co-working community, education, technology and capital which I consider essential to creating a healthy ecosystem for small business and startup development.” says Tracy G. Powell Chairman and President of Ignite.

The initiative strives to accelerate 100 businesses in Chicago and the workshop series kickoff is scheduled for March 14th, 6PM at the Blue Lacuna.

The first program area provides for affordable co working and conference room space. The Blue Lacuna Co(mmunity) Working Space, in Pilsen, is a diverse and inclusive space which will serve as the hub of the workshop series of events. At Blue Lacuna you find collaboration is matched with access to resources that promote growth and innovation.

The second program area is business education tools delivered through mentorship, workshops and classes. Many entrepreneurs are focused on their area of expertise and often times do not know what they don’t know related to scaling their business. Launch 100 brings experts in areas from legal, marketing, accounting, insurance, access to capital and much more under one roof.

The third is a curated technology platform that participants can use to build and manage their websites, mobile apps and other digital tools. “We believe that the core of every business should be built around a stable website and mobile app that allows each business to grow and expand without the headaches of becoming a developer themselves.” says Tracy Powell.

The fourth is funding resources, equity and debt crowdfunding platforms used to help participants raise early stage money to get their ideas off to a good start. The Blue Fund Rewards crowdfunding platform was developed to provide access to capital.

Event Date: March 14, 2019

Time: 6:00-8:00 PM

Where: Blue Lacuna 2150 Canalport Ave Chicago, IL 60608 2A-11

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