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Magistrate Hsu of Hualien County will Lead a Delegation to the United States, Deepening Diplomacy and International Exchange

by Derrick Smith

Hualien, Taiwan (Merxwire) – Hualien County Magistrate Hsu Chen-wei will lead a delegation for an 8-day exchange trip to California, USA. The delegation comprises members from the Hualien County Government and principals and students from three schools: Stella Maris Ursuline High School (SMHS), Huaren Junior High School, and Tzu Chiang Elementary School. The primary objective of the visit is to increase the opportunities for Hualien County to connect internationally through cultural exchange and deepen diplomacy. The fecund itinerary includes attending the annual “Camellia Festival” hosted by Temple City from February 23rd to 25th and visiting San Gabriel, California.

The students from SMHS, Huaren Junior High School, and Tzu Chiang Elementary School will perform at the Camellia Festival celebrations, showcasing the Harvest Festival’s essence and engaging in cultural exchanges through music and dance with local youth. This experience will enhance mutual understanding and friendship and allow the world to see Hualien while also expanding the international horizons of the county’s youth.

Hualien County and Temple City established sister city ties in 2018, and the delegation hopes this visit will deepen the friendship and sustain active interactions between the two areas. Additionally, both Hualien County and the Los Angeles area are on the Pacific Ocean coastline and prone to natural disasters. The trip includes visiting the Los Angeles County Disaster Help Center, where both sides will share experiences and insights on disaster prevention and relief systems.

Magistrate Hsu highlighted that the Hualien County Government actively engages in cultural and artistic diplomatic exchanges to demonstrate Hualien’s “soft power, solid foundation, and authentic skills” to the world. Each year, ten high school students and three college students are sent to study in the USA and Germany, respectively, allowing Hualien’s youth the chance to explore beyond national borders and expand their horizons. This trip aims for deeper exchanges in teaching and teacher training. Furthermore, in areas such as urban planning, the firefighting system, or social welfare, the county government will proactively exchange knowledge and learn from the Temple City government, confident that this trip will yield substantial benefits.

Magistrate Hsu also extended special thanks to the principals and teachers of three Hualien schools participating in performances for providing a series of international language and etiquette training to the students before their departure, hoping to excel in international diplomacy in Temple City and enhance Taiwan’s tourism image.

Magistrate Hsu concluded that this diplomatic trip would strengthen connections with Temple City and San Gabriel City. It will open new chapters for Hualien County for educational and cultural exchanges on the international stage. This trip showcases Hualien County’s active participation in international exchanges and its commitment to urban development and innovation. They hope to gain valuable experiences and inspiration during the visit and bring them back to create a better Hualien.

Media Contacts:
Hualien County Government
Section Chief Li Guan-Ting

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