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Japan’s Cryptocurrency Forex Trading Platform Overbit.com Went Live Last Week

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Japan’s First Cryptocurrency Forex Trading Platform Goes Live – Overbit.com a leading provider for cryptocurrency derivative trading. Overbit’s innovative leveraged trading platform allows cross-market trading using Bitcoin as the underlying asset.

Overbit.com – the cryptocurrency trading platform, went live on Feb. 18, 2019. It is the world’s first all-in-one platform, offering the ability to place positions on cryptocurrency and various financial products with Bitcoin (XBT). Users will be able to buy and sell cryptos, currencies, global indices, gold and silver.

Using Overbit, traders can place margin buy and sell trades on cryptos, currencies, commodities and indices using Bitcoin as the underlying asset.

As part of the launch campaign and for a limited time only, Overbit gifted 0.01 Bitcoin to each user that could be used as margin. After a few trades, the balance can be withdrawn.

Currently, there are several cryptocurrency exchanges around the world, but the options and range of products that can be traded are limited. Overbit has been in development since 2017, looking at new ways to trade cryptocurrency. This service aims to increase the liquidity of cryptocurrencies, promoting the entry of more traders, from new users to veterans to further the healthy development of the industry.

Following an extensive and deep research and development phase, focusing on the user experience and ease of use, Overbit announced the launch of its unique cryptocurrency trading platform “Overbit” on Feb. 18, 2019.

Military Grade Security – Overbit is one of the world’s most secure trading platforms. Overbit operates multi-signature cold wallets that require for any withdrawal, signatures from individuals in different countries. Client Bitcoin is always segregated, protected, and never stored in hot wallets. For added protection, engineers and security personnel working at Overbit are prohibited from revealing their identities on social media platforms.

At the time of this release, users will be able to buy and sell in cryptocurrencies, and as development continues, other financial products will be added in the future.

About Overbit

Overbit.com is a global FinTech company that provides next-generation financial services based on blockchain technology. Overbit provides unique services which utilize its cryptocurrency trading platform that combines not only a high level of security but also high liquidity.

Contact Information:

Abberton Trading Limited
Chieh Liu (CEO)

Twitter @OfficialOverbit and @Overbit_JP

Source and Images via Overbit.com, website: https://www.overbit.com

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