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When the gift-giving season comes every year, many people are worried about what gifts to prepare. Don’t worry, let the data tell you that the most people want to receive is “cash”.

Both receiving and giving gifts make us feel good. (Photo via unsplash.com)

TAIPEI, TAIWAN (Merxwire) – When gathering with relatives and friends, in addition to having dinner together, exchanging gifts is also an indispensable part. Are you ready to give what gift this year? According to a foreign website analysis survey, it is found that the gift that everyone wants most is “cash”. Although it is not romantic, it is convenient and is liked by both men and women.

This year, A survey conducted by the well-known analytical website “Statista” among 1,045 adults in the United States on “What Christmas gifts do they most want to receive?” showed that the top three most popular gifts for men and women are cash, gift certificates and clothes and shoes; the least wanted gifts are decorations, with only 7% of women and 6% of men wanting them.

“Cash” has been the most popular gift for years; this year is no exception. However, according to Chinese customs, giving money will make people feel tacky. You could fold the money into roses or hide it in something interesting. Treat it as a creative little surprise. Of course, gift certificates and gift cards are also good options. Having the advantage of cash doesn’t make people feel too casual.

The data also shows that men and women differ in the gifts they like. While smartphones, tablets and accessories are popular for both men and women, women prefer travel-related gifts and event tickets.

Cash is a “popular gift” in everyone’s mind. (Photo via unsplash.com)

Giving gifts is also a profound knowledge, and sending gifts into your heart is difficult. Moreover, if the gift you buy is too expensive, not only will you be financially burdened, but the recipient will also feel stressed. Even more embarrassing is giving a skill you have received repeatedly.

According to statistics, it was found that 63% of Americans have received duplicate holiday gifts, and 52% of people will give the same gift to others after receiving the same facility. It would help to choose a gift you can afford from the other person’s gift list. This ensures that it is what the other person wants and shows you respect and pay attention to the recipient’s thoughts.

Research shows that giving and receiving gifts can make people happy and increase their happiness. Prepare a thoughtful gift for the people around you at certain specific moments. No matter how valuable it is, the heart of the gift-giver is the most precious. If you accept the gift not with value but with happiness, stress will turn into joy because it makes people feel cared for.

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