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Recent Research Suggests CBD Oil May Help Americans Who Suffer From Anxiety

by Business PR

Recent studies have suggested that CBD has “powerful anti-anxiety properties.” Candy Head’s full-spectrum infused CBD edibles may be able to help the more than 40 million adults who suffer from anxiety in the United States.

“There is more evidence every day that suggests CBD oil can help people with anxiety issues,” said Ian Gilley, founder of Candy Head, which is based in Rhode Island. “Some studies indicate that CBD alters serotonin signals, which is one of the body’s chemicals that plays a role in your mental health.”

“We know personally how CBD oil can assist people,” said Gilley, who was referring to how CBD helped his young son who suffers from scoliosis. “We developed Candy Head’s CBD hard candies to help our son and it worked. He is now a healthy, young adult.”

Regardless, more and more people are trying CBD products to deal with mental health problems, including one of the most common maladies, General Anxiety Disorder, which affects about 7 million people.

Unlike some CBD brands, Candy Head’s products use the best possible full-spectrum oils available. The company decided to develop CBD-infused hard candies because the product provides optimal absorption of the many compounds found in full-spectrum oil.

By slowly consuming the hard candy, you are giving the oil the time that it needs to properly enter into your system. Not only are you consuming the most effective full-spectrum oil, but you are consuming it in the most efficient way possible which will produce the best effects.

Candy Head, which prioritizes health and safety, uses a third-party lab to test their candies for proper CBD dosing and consistency so you know you are getting precisely the amount of oil needed.

None of Candy Head’s products contain dairy, gluten, animal products, soy, wheat, fish, shellfish, sesame, coconut, peanuts or tree nuts.

“As a family, we are truly happy and excited that Candy Head CBD hard candies can help other people just like they helped our son,” Gilley said.

For more information, visit candy-head.com.

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