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Experiential Tourism: Japanese Haircuts Becoming Trend

by Irma Katherine

Want to have different travel memories? Experiential travel is in vogue! More and more people pay attention to the unique and personalized travel experience. Recently, tourists from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are popular going to Japan to experience haircutting, hoping to create their own Japanese-style hairstyle.

Japanese hairdressing techniques are world-renowned. (Photo via Merxwire)

Osaka, Japan (Merxwire) – In the past, tourists paid more attention to the needs of accommodation, sightseeing, and souvenir shopping. With the vigorous development of tourism, the traditional model can no longer satisfy tourists. More and more people pay attention to unique and personalized experiences. Recently, in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, there has been a trend of going to Japan to experience haircutting, hoping to create a Japanese hairstyle that is exclusive to oneself.

Japan has fashion and hairdressing majors, attracting many hairdressers from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan to exchange the latest hair cutting, hair coloring, and perming techniques yearly. Hence, people in these regions are familiar with Japanese styles. To have authentic Japanese hairstyles, it has gradually become a tourist trend to go to Japan to experience hair salons. Because of this, hair salons in Japan have begun to focus on Chinese and English communication services, looking forward to receiving international customers.

At the Trico salon in Shinsaibashi, Osaka, the hairdresser Airin is fluent in Chinese. She is a Taiwanese-Japanese mixed-race person who is familiar with Chinese culture. She is conscientious in every link, from shampooing and cutting to subsequent styling; every link is meticulous. After choosing the hairstyle and length in the magazine, the professional will lead the customer to lie on the shampoo chair and adjust the position of the neck, back to waist, so that consumers can wash their hair in the most relaxed state for subsequent haircuts.

Hairdresser Airin designs hairstyles for consumers. (Photo via Merxwire)

Before cutting hair, in addition to reconfirming the needs of consumers, Airin will also make adjustments according to the customer’s face shape, hair quality, and desired style. Take the mid-length bob hairstyle that women love as an example: trimming the hair layers, you can create an easy-to-blow style that modifies the face shape and adds a sense of cuteness. At the same time, the hairdresser will also specially treat the hair on the sides of the cheeks and the neck to make the style more Japanese-style.

A tourist from Taiwan shared that she had cut bob hairstyles countless times in the past, and this was the first time she came to Japan for a haircut, and it was also the most satisfying haircut in her life. She said, “Besides the superb hair-trimming skills, Japan is particularly good at cutting bangs. The hairdresser left some hair on my forehead and on both sides of my face to modify the lines of my face. I like the Japanese style very much.”

“After the opening of tourism, many international tourists came to Japan to experience hair cutting, among which Hong Kong people are the most.” Airin pointed out that we introduce the current popular hairstyles in Japan to tourists and let them choose according to their preferences. Most barbershops will explain the steps of arranging hair so that tourists can maintain the style after returning home and make the Japanese hairstyle last longer.

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