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Youtube Channel “How to Make Everything” Marks 1,000,000 Subscriber Milestone

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For 1 million Subscribers, YouTube rewards Creators with a Gold Play Button. Other “Maker” Channels will often craft their own play buttons to commemorate the occasion, fashioning them out of wood or material they favor on their Channel. Andy is taking his project further, by making his play button out of six different elements he’s had to learn how to make or work with on the Channel: Obsidian, Penny Bronze, Aluminum, Clear Glass, Copper, Gold. Six separate puzzle pieces which, when assembled, will make the play button!

It started out as a personal challenge. Then it turned into a documentary. Then a local TV Series…Now, seven years later, “How to Make Everything” seems to have found its niche on YouTube. Since launching on the platform in 2015, the Channel recently passed the 1 million Subscriber mark.

For example, the premiere episode covers Andy making a sandwich from scratch. This involved growing the wheat to make the bread, sunflowers to make oil for mayonnaise, cucumbers for pickles, lettuce, and tomatoes. For salt, Andy had to travel to the Pacific Ocean to gather sea water, which he boiled down. He collected eggs and milk from a farm for mayonnaise and cheese. Then there is the slightly uncomfortable moment in which Andy has to slaughter a chicken himself for the meat. All in all, it took Andy six months at the cost of $1,500 to make what typically costs $6.00 at a sandwich shop.

The show follows Andy George, Creator and Host of “How to Make Everything,” as he makes everything from a sandwich to a suit, tools and even a root beer float from scratch… literally.

“This is not a ‘How To’ show. The show is meant to reveal how complicated it is to make everyday items we take for granted, once you strip away the manufacturing and distribution networks which are the backbone of our modern lifestyle,” Andy says about his show. “I am by no means an expert in any of the activities I pursue in the series, so the entertainment factor comes in seeing me struggle and sometimes epically fail at my tasks.”

To mark the occasion of this milestone, Andy is taking a note from the playbooks of other YouTube Creators by making his own YouTube Play Button himself. YouTube rewards its Creators with official YouTube Play Button plaques when they surpass a certain Subscriber count.

The video launches on Friday, February 8th on How to Make Everything’s YouTube Channel.

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