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Safety First! Come and Travel to the Safest Country in 2023

by Julie Howard

Numbeo announced the 2023 Safety/Crime Index rankings. Among the 142 countries and regions worldwide, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates will rank first and second, respectively, and Taiwan, column 3, and ranking first in Asia.

Traveling abroad can allow travelers to relax, recharge and gain a new perspective. (Photo via Pixabay.com)

Boston, MA (Merxwire) – With the popularization of vaccines and the lifting travel restrictions in various countries, are you ready to go where to play? According to a recent poll by travel market research firm Destination Analysts, 31% of Americans are more interested in international travel than domestic travel. It’s just that after three years, you can finally embark on a global journey again. Are you worried that dangerous and unsafe will spoil the fun?

As the country opens up, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit forecast, the global tourism industry will grow by 30% in 2023. And safety is one of the important considerations for many people when choosing a travel destination. According to a survey conducted by Ipsos in 2020, 67% of the respondents said that safety and security are paramount during travel. Safety is an essential factor affecting everyone—critical in choosing a tourist destination.

Since 2009, Numbeo has conducted a questionnaire survey on the travel opinions of global tourists. The content includes the consumer price index, intuitive crime rate, quality of medical care, etc., and comprehensively evaluates each country’s safety/crime index and organizes it into a “ranking list of the safest countries in the world.”

In the latest 2023 National Security Index, Qatar has been named the safest country in the world. This is the fifth consecutive year that the country has topped the list. The second place is the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Taiwan is the only country in Asia ranked in the top three for two consecutive years.

Taiwan’s safety index is 83.8, and the crime index is 16.2, ranking third in the world. (Photo via Pixabay.com)

The other top 10 countries and territories are the Isle of Man, Oman, Hong Kong, Armenia, Japan, Switzerland, and Bahrain.

After the global health crisis, “safety” has become the top travel priority. Many travelers put safety first when choosing a travel destination. After all, going out safely and returning home happily is essential.

But no matter where the destination is, do your homework before traveling, such as checking travel advice, researching crime rates, considering natural disasters, reading reviews from other travelers, etc. Minimize potential crises during the journey, and don’t let unlucky things spoil our good mood when traveling.

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