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America’s Advanced AI Successfully Pilots Flight Simulator for Over 17 Hours

by Derrick Smith

Technology upgrade! The test flight of the VISTA X-62A variable stability flight simulator test aircraft was a success, as it completed the first record of being piloted by artificial intelligence for more than 17 hours.

VISTA X-62A successfully flew for more than 17 hours in the recent test flight. (Photo via Kyle Brasier, U.S. Air Force)

Edwards AFB, CA (Merxwire) – Lockheed Martin recently completed the test flight of the VISTA X-62A, an experimental trainer aircraft developed for the US Air Force, and it completed the first record of more than 17 hours of artificial intelligence piloting. VISTA is built on an open systems architecture with software that mimics the performance characteristics of other aircraft.

The US Air Force has recently upgraded the VISTA Simulation System, Model Following Algorithm, and System for Autonomous Control of the Simulation developed by Calspan, providing VISTA with advanced flight test capabilities emphasizing autonomy and artificial intelligence.

Upgrades include advanced sensors, multi-level safety solutions, and Getac tablet monitors in both cockpits. These components enhance the capabilities of VISTA, allowing for rapid software modification to increase flight test frequency and speed up artificial intelligence and autonomous development to meet the urgent needs of the US Air Force.

The VISTA X-62A trainer aircraft, which first flew in 1992 as a joint venture between General Dynamics and Calspan, was initially designated NF-16D and was later officially set VISTA X-62A by the US Air Force in June 2021. It has conducted various flight characteristics research and pilot training, which is significant for improving existing technologies and developing new ones.

The VISTA X-62A trainer aircraft is mainly used for flight characteristics research and pilot training. It can change flight characteristics during flight, helping pilots understand flight behaviors and control systems. In addition, the VISTA X-62A trainer aircraft can also simulate various flight situations, such as mechanical failures and stall situations, to help pilots conduct high-level training and preparation.

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