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Set a New Goal in 2023, Start a Regular Fitness Program in the New Year

by Amélie Poulain

With the coming of the new year, in addition to academic or work goals, it is also time to train your body. According to a new survey in the UK, nearly a third of people are determined to change their lifestyle from January. Only with a healthy body and mind, we could achieve the goals we want to achieve.

The short-term goals of a fitness program should be realistic and not too ambitious. (Photo via unsplash.com)

Taipei, TAIWAN (Merxwire) – The new year is about to bring a new look. In addition to setting academic or work growth goals, it is time to exercise your body. Only with a healthy body can we have the mental and physical strength to achieve our goals, so it is urgent to construct a new fitness program. According to the latest survey in the UK, nearly one-third of people are determined to change their lifestyle from January, especially those between the ages of 18 and 24.

Why start in January? Because January has an initial meaning, it makes people feel that it is time to seize the whole year and start to shape a brand new self from now on. In recent years, improving physical health become one of the focuses of everyone, especially after entering an aging society, healthy aging has also catalyzed the daily concept of health preservation.

The first key point of the fitness plan in the new year is to start implementing it, and the second is not to give up casually. Next, you need to master some tricks, so that you can continue to maintain it and achieve your predetermined goals at the same time. Here are some practical tips from experts to help you keep a positive fitness attitude.

Find out Your Exercise Time

Before starting to train, make a fitness plan of your own. The focus is to arrange your exercise time. Indeed, setting a schedule will allow you to keep going while life gets busy. Know your weekly itinerary first to find out when you can exercise, and put it into your weekly plan. On the one hand, it makes exercise more planned, and on the other hand, it can also give you some schedule pressure, so that you will not give up easily when the initial enthusiasm fades.

Choose your Favorite Fitness Method

To keep yourself motivated to exercise, you don’t need to pursue popular fitness methods but find your favorite exercise. For example, some people like competitive sports, so you can find a ball game. Some people like to see their growth and improve, and jogging or cycling might be a good option. Some people like moderate aerobic exercise, yoga or swimming are more suitable. Finding a form of exercise that you enjoy makes it easier to stick to your fitness goals.

Finding a partner to exercise with can help with the success of your fitness program.
(Photo via unsplash.com)

Create Achievable Fitness Goals

If you set too ambitious fitness ideals at the beginning, it will often affect the continuity of fitness. Goals that are difficult to achieve make people want to give up. So the most important thing is to cultivate the will to continue exercising first, set some short-range and achievable small goals, and make progress in the direction of making yourself better, instead of setting a perfect goal. Research shows that setting fitness goals with a positive attitude about what to do is more effective than limiting negative thoughts about what not to do.

Find a Partner Who can Encourage You

A study by the University of Aberdeen in the UK pointed out that if there is a partner who can exercise together, it can increase the willingness to exercise and make people more able to continue fitness without interruption. So when implementing a fitness plan, find someone willing to exercise with you, and you can support and supervise each other. You don’t have to participate in each other’s fitness process all the way, but you can develop a fixed time to exercise together every week to improve the continuity and effectiveness of exercise.

Company with Some Music while Exercising

When exercising with favorite and suitable music, it was found that it can improve exercise performance. The main reason is that music can boost mood and also distract attention, making us less concerned about fatigue and pain during fitness, and also improving endurance and metabolism. At the same time, it will give people the illusion that time passes faster, so the estimated fitness plan is completed unconsciously. Your body warms up quickly with music. The type of music can be flexibly adjusted according to the sports and preferences of each person.

At the beginning of the new year, set your fitness plan! Don’t be too ambitious and perfect to avoid feelings of frustration and giving up. The point is to get moving and slowly improve and get better. Don’t set limits for yourself, but don’t set a high target at first. Doing your favorite sports with your partners, and you will overcome the hard process of exercising together and achieving your own fitness goals.

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