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Skyworth Striving to Build an Open Intelligent Manufacturing Platform at CES 2019

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It is learned that Skyworth will officially declare to upgrade METZ, the German color TV brand under its management, and build it into a top brand for high-end consumers

Skyworth, one of the leaders in Chinese household appliance industry, showcased the whole sets of smart home solutions on the 700 m2booth. Besides the OLED featuring extremely high quality image and the beautifully designed TV sets series, Skyworth announced the METZ series’ independence as a top-end brand for international market. The new brand will provide a new dimension for the high-end consumers seeking for quality life, direct the home appliances to follow the trend of making TV sets into art pieces, and build the smart and elegant life style for urban elites. Also, Skyworth exhibited other products tailor-made for all social ranks on different continents. CES 2019, the grand event for the global consumer electronics industry, was convened in Las Vegas on Jan 8, gathering thousands of manufacturers across the world.

30-year Pursuits for Quality Empowering Skyworth’s Glory on CES. 

It is learned that Skyworth will officially declare to upgrade METZ, the German color TV brand under its management, and build it into a top brand for high-end consumers. On CES 2019, it demonstrated several models of the METZ Classic series with top configurations, which were designed specially for the top market. With the artificial intelligence, METZ shaped a smart home system, enabling inter-connectivity of appliances and ascending to the high-end TV ecosphere. METZ Classic defines it as a brand being “always first class.” METZ, as a brand alone, targets at totally different markets with different product series, which shows Skyworth’s intention to provide more options with METZ. METZ Classic is created to be the classic model, while METZ Blue is characterized by technology and youth-oriented design. It combines top technology, top design and top performance, but features a more consumer-friendly price, and presents a completely new brand image. In Sept 2018, METZ Blue was launched in Europe, India and Hongkong, China, bringing about an incredible audio-visual experience for consumers.

Skyworth Never Leaves the Arena of Technology

CES, started as a side event of Chicago Music Show, has developed into a world trend indicator of the consumer electronics market, and an incubator for electronic and technological enterprises worldwide. In the past decade, the emerging Chinese manufacturers actively joined in, and have become the main driver boosting the soared consumption of electronic products worldwide. Each year, Skyworth launched new products and technologies on CES, making its booth one of the most eye-catching attractions to purchasers and consumers.

From 1988 to 2019, Skyworth went through the crises of internet’s intrusion into TV industry, and screen manufacturer’s shift to OEM. Even if against such a background, Skyworth still pioneered the technological innovation and the industrial development. Since 2001, Skyworth frequently appeared on CES, the world-class stage of innovative technology, not for showing its technological muscle, but for guiding the innovative development. Inspired by the new hardware concept, Skyworth developed their manufacturing and innovation strengths in “hardware + system + content + AI + algorithm”, the 5 indicators to measure a brand’s capacity, and launched the serial products, which have met the German and Japanese standards for OLED, AI Chameleon Extreme, Dolby Atoms and all-time AI. Each model shocked the industry and the whole world. Each model bears an individualized smart logo, perfectly telling Skyworth’s dedication to the new hardware concept. Especially the METZ, as the top brand with top configurations, embodies both German quality and Chinese innovation, and will lift the user experience up to an unprecedented level.

OLED, AI Chameleon Extreme, Dolby Atoms, All-time AI, German and Japanese Process

Skyworth, while holding half of the Chinese OLED TV market, presented its 8K OLED, the largest one in the world, on CES. This model represents a new form of TV sets, with the characteristics of the built-in screen in the wall, seamless attachment to each other. In the era of AI, Skyworth published the latest AI OLED model, which enables easier man-machine interaction, content acquisition and more application scenarios by integrating voice recognition, natural language processing and robot vision. In image quality and display, OLED has even greater advantage, which will bring more natural audiovisual effect for users.

Meanwhile, Skyworth has been advancing its cooperation with top international brands, and integrating the latest technology, outstanding creativity and sophisticated components into its own products. It dedicates to boosting the high-end brand strategy, shaping the global high-end brands ecosphere, supporting other brands, and sharing technology, factory, supply chain and content with them. It officially launched the METZ Classic, the products of Chinese creativity and German technology, trying to capture the world’s high-end TV market with quality products.

As China progressively opened up, the CES greeted Chinese manufacturers. Skyworth emerged on the world-class exhibitions, to show the Chinese hardware manufacturing strength and to lead the trend of technological development. On CES, the Chinese leading figure of color TV industry made frequent buzzes, and introduced Chinese technology to the whole world.

Chinese Brand Benefiting the Whole World

Skyworth, the extraordinary player on Chinese household appliances market, showed up on CES 2019 on an unprecedented scale. It brought about METZ, the high-end TV brand, announced the “open, sharing and win-win” strategy, and set up the new target of transforming into the “global intelligent hardware manufacturer and intelligent system provider”.

With its years of experience as a manufacturer and technological strength as an innovator, Skyworth introduced the local brand to the world, and is planning to export its manufacturing strength. At a time when the global color TV market is dominated by low price and poor quality, Skyworth proposed the standard for “truly quality product”, shared core technologies as image chip, Dolby Atoms, content and all-time AI with other brands and regional leaders in the “sharing, co-existing and win-win” spirit, and helped them to ascend to the high-end products matrix with more mature, efficient and competitive manufacturing processes and in the best and fastest way. Also, Skyworth, representing the color TV industry in China, will work with the global top manufacturers to secure their own brands’ glory, and get out of the dilemma of low price and poor quality, through exporting its technology and experience.

Building the New Rule: Competing with Technology

Chinese market, the largest consumer market in the world, suffered from the most brutal and fierce competition in the past 2 years. Chinese consumers, already familiar with internet technology, have become the most critical and aggressive users, with higher demands for technology and innovation than overseas users. The CMM data shows, up to Jul 2018, foreign brands’ retail sales accounted for 18.59% only, and retail value 25.8% in China; while local brands’ 81.4%, and 74.2% respectively.

Though Skyworth has been ranking first on the top-end market, thanks to China’s demographic dividends, it is still not easy to further develop there. Commonly, some local internet companies can hardly survive the Chinese market, because they couldn’t adapt to the market rules. But Skyworth, keeps progressing and innovating to meet the Chinese consumers’ needs, and secured its No.1 place for years. Data shows in the 2ndand 3rdquarter, Skyworth ranked first with its outstanding 5.03 million units of on- and off-line sales, and 16.7% market share from this August and October.

While pioneering the industry as the best record keeper, Skyworth takes the responsibility to guide the industry onto the right track. In 2018 when the “price war” was intensified, Skyworth took the lead to break out of the “low price competition”, adopted the 5 standards popular in today’s world, and defined the specifications for screen, image, tone, interaction and design. It had realized that the price war would hamper the industry’s progress, since it minimized profit and worsened the market on one hand, and indirectly lowered the product quality and damaged Chinese manufacturer’s image on the other. Therefore, Skyworth launched the MAX TV OLED series equipped with OLED, AI image chip, Dolby Atoms, all-time AI, German and Japanese technologies. In this way, it tried to shift the market rules from competing with price to competing with technology, and get the whole industry back to the right direction.

5 Tips for Choosing a Color TV

Skyworth’s overseas industrial chain now has linked up 23 subsidiaries and R&D centers in Europe, America and Africa, including Prima South Africa, METZ Germany and Toshiba Indonesia. In 2019, Skyworth will build 4 manufacturing bases in Europe, South-east Asia, India and Africa, and try to integrate with regional strategic partner’s supply chain, in order to improve its response and estimation to the changing market, and the capacity to resist risks, and to provide quality, efficient and cost-effective global supply chain solution.

Skyworth’s Global Industrial Chain

Skyworth made full use of its mature and open-source CooCaa technology and platform, co-funded and co-built a global content platform with overseas operators, content providers and terminals, and realized the sharing of content and users. It is reported that Skyworth will partner with Google, Netflix and Amazon. With its CooCaa Lite system, it will intensify the cooperation with overseas content providers. And it will build an AIOT intelligent product ecosphere, channel diversified products into it, and provide an integrated big-screen AIOT solution.

From the CES 2019 where the global intelligent manufacturing journey was started, Skyworth will expand the sales and service network worldwide as an ODM, OEM and independent brand, and strive to transform into a fully independent, intelligent, diversified and high-end brand.


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