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Bristlecone Give Class They Are Providing To The Public Regarding Active Threat

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Bristlecone Shooting has created a class that will give its students a rundown on what they need to do to survive these extreme cases of terror that could happen while in a public venue. Leading the active threat classes is Chris Mailliard, a retired forensic firefighter and paramedic with the fire department, as well as a retired tactical paramedic with the local SWAT team in Denver, Colorado.

In today’s world there are a myriad of differing ongoing threats, even natural disasters fall into this category. Chris Mailliard, Bristlecone’s Active Threat instructor, spoke to KLZ’s Rush to Reason audience earlier this month to give details about a class they are providing to the public regarding any kind of active threat.

In his interview, Chris describes a few basic tactical ideas that will help keep you safe should you be involved in an active threat situation, including: knowing your exits, knowing your venue well (entails preparing prior to going to the venue), and knowing your points of cover; just to name a few. (Click here to listen to full interview)

Remember that active threats can mean anything from a shooter, to a driver in a car that’s being used as a weapon, to a hurricane. In order to survive any of these incidents you must have your response ready, meaning be prepared, drill if necessary, have the adequate equipment needed, and be aware of the history of the type of event you are attending. The class goes into great detail on how to handle yourself, taking you through the steps Chris calls “aware, prepare, and respond.”

This is a non-firearms class with information that is significant to everyone. The next session is January 27, 2019.

About Bristlecone Shooting, Training, and Retail Center

Bristlecone Is A Premier Shooting Range, Training, and Retail Center in the Denver Metro Area and specializes in serving all levels of shooting sports participants from first-timers to life-long enthusiasts.


To register for the Active Threat class visit our website here, call 303.985.0989, or stop in at 12105 Cedar Drive, Lakewood, Colorado 80228.

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