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Tourism Wave is Coming! The World’s Worst Airlines are Ranked, Choose Airlines Carefully

by Amélie Poulain

The latest 2022 airline evaluation by travel service agency Bounce is out, and the three airlines with the lowest ratings are Lion Air, Wings Air, and Flydubai. The bottom six ranked worst all have higher chances of flight delays and cancellations, as well as poor service attitude and cabin cleanliness and comfort.

As the COVID-19 pandemic subsided, air travel boomed.
Travel service organization Bounce selects 50 airlines for 2022, and the rankings are released.
(Photo via unsplash.com)

Taipei, TAIWAN (Merxwire) –As the COVID-19 epidemic gradually subsides and the global travel trend prevails, not only the choice of travel destinations but also the quality of airlines is one of the key points for travel enthusiasts, especially when traveling long distances. According to the latest 2022 airline rating released by the travel service organization Bounce, among the 50 international airlines, the three airlines with the worst ratings are Lion Air, Wings Air, and Flydubai.

After nearly three years of stagnation in air tourism, the international aviation industry has gradually recovered from the second half of 2022. Many people have begun to plan their first cross-border travel after COVID-19. Therefore, they attach great importance to the overall performance and service quality of major airlines after the epidemic. Choosing the right airline can improve the quality of travel, as well as the efficiency of business travel, because it can take quick and effective contingency measures in the event of various emergencies, such as strikes, climate changes, flight delays, or lost luggage.

Starting from the services required by passengers, the first point of consideration in the evaluation is service quality. From booking to check-in and boarding, as well as the experience of the flight journey, all are important evaluation criteria. Next is environmental assessments, including cleanliness and comfort at the airport and onboard, as a clean environment can affect the quality of a passenger’s journey both ready to fly and in flight.

Airline punctuality is also a matter of great concern to the public. Once a plane is delayed or grounded, it will affect the customer’s subsequent itinerary. Therefore, the statistical data of the flight punctuality rate is naturally included as one of the evaluation criteria. The last important consideration is the airline’s ability to respond to emergencies. For example, if the flight schedule is changed due to weather or human strikes, or if the luggage is accidentally lost, can the airline make the most appropriate arrangements immediately? It is including various response measures and compensation processing speed. The elements mentioned above are important considerations when scoring.

According to the evaluation scores, the bottom 10 airlines are Volaris, AirAsia, Ryanair, Wizz Air, VivaAerobus, Shenzhen Airlines, AirAsia India, Flydubai, Wings Air, and Lion Air.

Judging the performance of an airline is usually measured by metrics such as customer service, comfort, cleanliness, flight delays, and cancellations. (Photo via unsplash.com)

Among them, the bottom 6 airlines have their own serious problems, including high delay rate and flight cancellation rate, poor service attitude and cabin environment comfort, so the standard is based on a full score of 10, and the scores of the bottom few are all 2 points below. Lion Air and Wings Air, which rank in the bottom two, have a much higher delay rate and temporary cancellation rate than the other 48 companies. Lion Air has temporarily canceled up to one-third of its flights within a year, causing many complaints and inconvenience to passengers. Its 2018 crash off Jakarta, which killed all 189 crew members and passengers, dealt a blow to its image. At the same time, the comfort scores of these two companies are also extremely low.

There are airlines that make people feel worst, and of course there are excellent airlines with high numerical ratings in all aspects. The top three performers in this competition are Singapore Airlines, ANA and Korean Air. Among them, ANA got a perfect score in the cabin service evaluation. Unfortunately, due to the impact of COVID-19 fluctuations, the cancellation rate of flights is higher than that of Singapore Airlines and Korean Air, so it can only be ranked second.

Another well-known airline evaluation is the “2022 World Airline Awards“, which is established by Skytrax, an internationally renowned aviation service research organization headquartered in the United Kingdom. After a year of interviews with more than 14 million passengers from more than 100 countries, the top ten airlines with the best performance were selected, followed by Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, ANA, Qantas Airways, Japan Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Air France, Korean Air, and Swiss International Air Lines.

Qatar Airways, which ranks first, is on the list for the seventh time since the World Airline Awards began in 1999. It has always been aiming to be the best airline, and it has entered its 25th year. In addition to the best overall performance in the world, it also won the best business class, best business class seat, and best business class lounge meal. It can be said to be well-deserved. Singapore Airlines, which ranked second, was awarded the Best First Class and Best Cabin Service Staff awards at the same time, and it was affirmed by the second place in the cabin cleaning award. The third-ranked Emirates also won the best economy class award.

If you are planning or are about to start your travel plan, don’t forget to choose a good airline in addition to planning the location, itinerary, and hotel. It will improve your overall travel quality. After the start of the journey, you can enjoy a comfortable and clean environment and friendly service during the tour. When an emergency occurs in the period, they will immediately assist you in handling it and make your journey more secure and beautiful.

Once a plane is delayed or grounded, it will affect the customer’s subsequent itinerary.
(Photo via unsplash.com)

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