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CDIB, as Led by Angelo Koo, Bets on the Medical Industry as Commitment to ESG Goals

by Ansel Mark

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – CDIB Capital Group is a leading private equity investment and venture capital fund manager in the Asia-Pacific region chaired by Angelo Koo, a key figure in Taiwan’s financial sector, who also supports various ESG initiatives. CDIB Capital Healthcare Ventures, a subsidiary of CDIB Capital Group, has adjusted its strategy to balance investments by funding innovative medicine, medical technology, services and channels. The company is currently invested in health management, genetic testing, pharmacy chain channels, and pharmaceutical e-commerce platforms.

“It has recently pinpointed the investment direction of imaging AI technology and pathogen genome sequencing,” CDIB Capital Healthcare Ventures President Hsu Ta-cheng said. “Going forward, it will continue to [progress] towards digital transformation, innovative business models, and the construction of industrial ecosystems to further enhance the competitiveness of the biomedical industry.”

In line with these goals, Healthcare Ventures has been funding its portfolio company, Pregetic Medical Health, over the years. Pregetic Medical Health has been focusing on achieving a comprehensive telemedicine and telecare services, that is being realized through a cooperation with Chunghwa Telecom Co. The partnership will help to bridge the gap between clinics by linking video diagnosis and the healthcare systems of primary care clinics. Telemedicine offers a great convenience for patients that have mobility issues or for those who live in remote areas through online diagnosis, medical reminders, and educating patients of their treatment process. While telemedicine has been in practice for decades, it has more recently matured and brought into the limelight by the COVID-19 pandemic. Taiwan has implemented online screening for patients that may have COVID-19 symptoms, allowing for better ease of access and reducing potential contacts.

“Pregetic Medical Health is committed to promoting the health of the population and has successfully built a telemedicine and telecare chain to achieve the third of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): good health and social well-being and the tenth: Reduce inequality within and among countries; it is also a demonstration of CDIB’s commitment to ESG,” Hsu said.


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