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Corporate Charity Foundation Chaired by Angelo Koo Offer Students’ Healthy Food

by Derrick Smith

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – The “Nutrition 100 Program” has been organized by the China Development Foundation over the past 17 years, which is part of China Development Financial Holding (CDF) with support from its subsidiary CBID International. This year, a total of NT$5 million will be set aside to help fund 223 elementary and secondary schools in 10 cities throughout Taiwan.

Angelo Koo, chairman of the CDF’s private equity subsidiary CDIB Capital International, who also serves as the chairman of the China Development Foundation, believes that “education is the most valuable investment.” Chairman Koo has used the foundation as a platform to promote various scholarships and charity programs such as the Nutrition 100 Program.

The funds granted to schools struggling financially will enable them to offer students healthier snacks such as fruit or milk. Pressured by inflation, Zhentou Elementary School in Miaoli County has raised student lunch price by NT$5 per meal. Even with the increased fee, the elementary school still lacked the necessary funds until it became a part of the Nutrition 100 grant list. “Thanks to the Nutrition 100 Program, we are able to provide our students with milk and fruits at least twice a week,” the school’s general affairs director Hsu Chiu-ling said.

Ms. Lin, the lunch secretary of Xinfa Elementary School in Kaohsiung, explained the donation has allowed their afterschool program prepare snacks for students from struggling families.

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