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Taco Guru the platform that taquerias owners should know, Por Taco Guru

by Business PR

In Mexico, tacos are more than food, tacos are a lifestyle that has achieved enormous popularity. So much so, that even in different parts of the world they have become very famous.

That is why every day, the team of Taco Guru works so that it remains the most complete platform in the taquero world. But this app is not only for those looking for tacos, it is also designed to support taquerias and give a competitive advantage to businesses over any other food establishment.

This is because Taco Guru, more than just an App, is a benchmark for the tacos that serves as a link for all taquerias that are looking for diffusion, Taco Guru is: The Taco World Authority.

The options are many, from the app that serves for users to locate an establishment, consult types of tacos, prices, additional services and even current promotions; a blog for everyone looking for reviews and the best options to eat; a large community in social networks that is alert to new recommendations in your area; and even advice from experts in the industry who can provide support to businesses, according to their needs.

Its creator and director Ernesto Bredee Santos, affirms “Taco Guru will continue with its mission to highlight the importance of this dish for Mexican culture and one of the best ways is to support those who make this possible: taquerías”.

So if you own a taquería or you know someone, check out the marketing resources for taquerias. In addition, you can contact someone on the team to receive advice and learn more about how Taco Guru can help your business. Thus, each taqueria can concentrate on doing its own thing, while we attend to the diffusion.

If you still do not have the App, download it for free! It is available for Android and iOS devices.


Contact: (52) 81 31209065
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tacoguru/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tacogurumx/

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