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Without Drilling! The Most Considerate Wireless Microphone System for Your Guitar

by Irma Katherine

“We believe that ease of use and high fidelity are the most fundamental and important pursuit of people on the music path.”

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – CLOUDVOCAL is an audio brand based in Taiwan; our expertise is in innovating and integrating technology into music performances, presenting an easy and intuitive way to play in live venues and to record music. Sharing music has never been easier! Our team works from circuit design to product manufacturing, and we’ve spent years testing the product with hundreds of musicians.

Sometimes seen as a compromise of quality for convenience, wireless audio will always have its skeptics. But at Cloudvocal, in our pursuit of the very best in technological integration, we aim to redefine the wireless audio experience. Understanding the needs of performers and musicians is central to this goal.

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Go loud, protect your guitar

There’s nothing better than taking out a great guitar and playing some music with friends. Whether or not you’re a professional musician, there are chances to share your music with others all the time. Boring a hole in your beloved guitar is not an easy step to take, and wireless technology is an elegant solution to this vexing problem. With the GT-10, those who cherish their guitar can now play on stage without hesitation. From the capsule of the microphone to the amplification controls, the GT-10 has been expertly designed by a team of engineers and musicians to faithfully reproduce a guitar’s original sound with ease.

(Photo via CLOUDVOCAL International)

The smart choice for guitar amplification – ISOLO GT-10 Guitar Wireless System

Audio technology is constantly advancing. With the GT-10, you will never again have to compromise between convenience and sound quality.In order to perform live in various environments, GT-10 receiver provides 8 different effects, while also including EQ and preamp function, giving diversity to live performances and being user-friendly. Want to take your beloved guitar on stage, but don’t want to bore holes and install a pick-up? No problem! No drilling is required with the GT-10—the best choice for any guitar owner.

(Photo via CLOUDVOCAL International)

To know more about CLOUDVOCAL and the most considerate wireless microphone system for your Guitar, just visit: https://cloud-vocal.com/gt10global/news

GT-10 introduction video – ISOLO GT-10 Guitar Wireless System (Video via CloudVocal – ISOLO Wireless Instrument Mic)

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