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Japanese Young People Use Hashtags For Searching Has Become A Trend

by Sheila Nelly

How do you prefer to search for information? A street interview from Japan revealed that many young Japanese people use hashtags to search for information directly on social media platforms.

Young people use hashtags to search for information on Instagram. (Photo via Unsplash)

Osaka, Japan (Merxwire) – Human beings have advanced Internet technology, and almost all people of all ages use the Internet to search for information, but the generational gap can be seen from the search habits and search tools. Although Google is currently the most popular search engine, the younger generation in Japan has begun to use social media platforms to search for the information they need.

When a Japanese TV program surveyed the smartphone usage habits of young and middle-aged people, it was found that there was a gap in the way they “searched for information.”

In the street interviews, Fuji Television Network, Inc. interviewed 50 young people in their 10s to 20s. Of these, 45 would use hashtags to search for information, and only 5 would not use them. Most people said that they seldom use search engines such as Google and only use the map function.

On the other hand, compared with middle-aged people aged between 40 and 60, the rankings of search platforms commonly used by the younger generation are also different. Young people frequently use the search platforms are Instagram, Google, TikTok, Twitter, Yahoo in order; the rankings for middle-aged people are Google, Yahoo, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok.

Use Instagram’s hashtags search to see the actual pictures. (Photo screenshot Instagram search #harbs)

A survey conducted by Japan’s TV Asahi Corporation also found that young people in Japan like to use Instagram’s “#” hashtag to look up restaurants instead of Google. Why do young people like to use social media to search for information? The survey shows that this trend is related to the characteristics of Instagram.

Most young people say that Google search is almost all text, but you can directly see the actual pictures using Instagram to search for restaurants and attractions. The text will also show the location of the store, the characteristics of the store, the recommended dishes, etc., and you can find it soon The latest news and favorite restaurants.

In other words, it is very convenient for the younger generation to see actual pictures, important information texts, and recommendations from netizens while using Instagram. This result also shows that people prefer to watch pictures or videos compared to text, and this result is also consistent with the development trend of social media.

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