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Which Cities Have the Most Beautiful Fireworks on New Year’s Eve 2021?

by Amélie Poulain

Refer to the list of the 10 most beautiful New Year’s Eve fireworks. You could go to Kiribati, the first country to ring in the New Year, or fly to the Santa Claus Village in Finland or go to Vienna to enjoy the New Year’s Eve ceremony. Even if you may not be able to go there this year because of the COVID-19 epidemic, you still have to cherish everything and enjoy the beautiful and splendid fireworks at home.

Fireworks all over the world to welcome the new year. (Photo via Pexels.com)

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) –Have you decided what to do on New Year’s Eve? Who do you want to spend the last day of the year with? Which city do you want to go to for New Year’s Eve? What new things do you want to try, or do you want to do some crazy things? In the past, you might plan half a year or a year ago on how to celebrate New Year’s Eve this year. You may go to Taitung to watch the sunrise or go to watch the fireworks in Taipei 101, or maybe you have already booked a flight to New York or Sydney. Ready to go to the carnival countdown. But in the past two years, you may feel a little bored, because under the attack of COVID-19 and the variant virus omicron, traveling abroad has become very remote.

Based on the experience of previous years, the price of air tickets during the New Year’s Eve period will usually increase by 2%-3% than usual. Of course, the increase in popular cities is even higher. Therefore, tourism experts suggest that to go to popular cities for the New Year, at least 12 to 15 months in advance to book air tickets, hotels, and various transportation tickets, to save money and fully enjoy the New Year atmosphere. Because the cost of traveling abroad during this period is usually higher, the travel industry statistics that the group going abroad for New Year is between 31-40 years old, because their financial ability is relatively stable. Followed by young people aged 21-30 and middle-aged people aged 40-50. In terms of gender, women are more than men, accounting for about 63%. The top 10 popular attractions that Taiwanese people prefer are Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Osaka, Bangkok, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, London, and New York.

The number of people going abroad for New Year’s Eve is increasing year by year. (Photo via unsplash.com)

The ten most beautiful fireworks on New Year’s Eve in the world

To welcome the new year, countries around the world have held New Year’s Eve performances and set off beautiful fireworks at well-known landmarks. Everyone gathered to count down, hug each other, and draw a beautiful end to the old year, and usher in a hopeful new year. Do you know that the most beautiful fireworks on New Year’s Eve are in which country?

  1. The biggest event on New Year’s Eve in summer-Australia-Sydney Harbour Bridge-At 9 PM on 12/31 Taiwan time 

    Perhaps New Zealand, which is the closest to the International Date Line, was the first country to welcome the New Year, but the New Year in Australia, Sydney, is definitely the first and largest event to welcome the New Year in the Southern Hemisphere.

  2. Pray for peace in a dreamlike fairy tale-Japan-Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo Tower-At 11 PM on 12/31 Taiwan time

    If you want to welcome the New Year in a fairy tale, don’t forget to draw tickets for Tokyo Disneyland’s New Year’s Eve in advance, and you can enjoy the fairytale-like New Year’s Eve fireworks in front of Disney Castle. Those who like to pray quietly in the New Year can go to Tokyo Tower to enjoy the fireworks and pray for world peace. After enjoying the fireworks, proceed to the temple to ring the bell to pray for blessings, and feel the Japanese New Year atmosphere.

  3. Highlight the beauty of Taiwan-Taiwan-Taipei 101- At 0 AM on 1/1 Taiwan time

    The Taipei 101 building has held a New Year’s Eve fireworks show every year since December 31, 2004. The splendid pyrotechnics are used with LED lights to fully express the beauty of Taiwan and the highlights of Taipei. The unique “fairy stick”-shaped fireworks attract many tourists to participate in activities every year. It is also one of the top 10 sacred places for New Year’s Eve recommended by CNN. In this way, we will vigorously promote the beauty of Taiwan to the world.

  4. Lively performance to welcome the new year-Malaysia-Petronas Twin Towers- At 00:00 on 1/1 Taiwan time

    Malaysia and Taiwan count down at the same time on New Year’s Eve, the main locations to celebrate New Year are the Petronas Twin Towers and Avenue of Stars in Kuala Lumpur. A lively New Year’s Eve concert is held every year for popular singers to accompany everyone to the countdown. Coupled with the fireworks display in independence Square, it is very beautiful, with a lively New Year’s Eve atmosphere, and a street full of tourists. It can be said to be the most popular in Southeast Asia.

  5. The colorful night sky of Marina Bay-Singapore-Marina Bay s- At 00:00 on 1/1 Taiwan time

    Every year, fireworks of Marina Bay in Singapore attract at least 400,000 people to participate, starting from the Tropical Christmas Lights Festival in Orchard Road, and then to the eye-catching New Year’s Eve fireworks display of Marina Bay, welcoming the New Year with enthusiasm and joy. Although Singapore is one hour behind Taiwan in terms of time zone, in order to be consistent with the Greater China region, the time of New Year countdown in Singapore is the same as Taiwan, which is very special.

  6. The world’s tallest fireworks of New Year’s Eve -Dubai-Burj Khalifa- At 04:00 on 1/1 Taiwan time

    The world’s tallest and most luxurious firework party is none other than the Burj Khalifa, which has become the focus of the New Year in the past few years and even set a world record in 2014, becoming the world’s largest firework show. Ultra-high budget, high-profile luxury, colorful and brilliant dazzling light, has attracted the attention of the world. Approximately 2 million people go on a pilgrimage every year, which is the most impressive firework.

  7. New Year’s Eve Point with Colorful Dreams -Russia-Kremlin and Red Square- At 5:00 on 1/1 Taiwan time

    Famous internationally, the beautiful ice cream dome is a dream attraction of many people. There are several well-known attractions nearby, such as The Kremlin and St. Basil’s Cathedral. Every year, crowds gather on the Red Square to watch the beautiful fireworks behind St. Basil’s Church. The colorful fireworks are intertwined in the colorful historical buildings. The dreamy and beautiful scene is unforgettable in a lifetime and must be visited in this life.

  8. Countdown in romance and beauty and embrace each other-France-Paris Eiffel Tower & Champs Elysées- At 6 AM on 1/1 Taiwan time

    For the most romantic New Year’s Eve, the well-known marriage proposal site “Paris Eiffel Tower” is the best choice. In the romantic Paris of lovers’ sanctuary, enjoy a meal with beautiful night view, count down under the Eiffel Tower and wait for the New Year, enjoy the light carving show and fireworks show, have romantic music in your ears, hug the important people around you, this will be the most romantic thing in your life.

  9. Brilliant lights blending classic and modern-UK-London Eye-At 8 AM on 1/1 Taiwan time

    The most famous New Year’s Eve location in Europe is the London Eye. Inaugurated in 1999, fireworks have been set off directly on the Ferris wheel since 2005. You can take the London Eye while enjoying the beautiful fireworks countdown, or you can join the New Year’s Eve party on the cruise ship to enjoy the fireworks. The background music is the ringing of Big Ben, and the fireworks illuminate the entire Thames, from history to modernity, beautiful and classic scenes.

  10. A classic New Year’s Eve for thousands of people pilgrimage-USA-Times Square, New York-At 1 PM on 1/1 Taiwan time

    New Year’s Eve in Times Square in New York is listed as one of the things that everyone must do in their lifetime. Colorful advertisements, wonderful performances, is a world-renowned New Year carnival party. At the countdown, balloons and lucky ribbons that symbolize blessings fell one after another, and the classic picture of crystal balls dotted with tens of thousands of light bulbs falling from the sky, kiss the people around you! Welcome the new year with enthusiasm.

The first countries to ring in the New Year in the world

Kiribati and Samoa, located in the South Pacific, are the first countries in the world to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Samoa is located between Hawaii and New Zealand. Traditional carnivals will be held before the New Year’s Eve ball. Everyone dances in folk dances and jugglers will throw torches into the air, like a harvest festival. Fireworks will also be set off during New Year’s Eve. Kiribati is located to the west of the turning point of the International Date Line. It is unique geographical location makes it the first place to cross the new year, and because the International Date Line passes through the island, Kiribati belongs to the eastern hemisphere and the western hemisphere. Here you can celebrate New Year’s Eve two times.

Kiribati is the first country to cross the new year. (Photo via wikipedia.org)

The most beautiful ceremony to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the world

  • Greet the first dawn-East Cape, New Zealand: New Zealand is the first country to be illuminated by the sun on January 1 every year. If you want to welcome the new year and replenish vitality and sunshine energy, let’s go to New Zealand! Enjoy the summer sun and feel a natural beauty.
  • Start leisurely and lazily-Hua Hin, Thailand: Hua Hin, an exotic, poetic, and tranquil town with the most beautiful train station in Thailand. You could see red brick tiles on top of the houses and go to the sea. If you want to release your mind and body, slow down your pace, come here to chase the sunshine.
  • The beautiful scene of Korean drama-Gangwon-do, South Korea: In December in Korea, snow is flying, and the earth is pure and white. Go to Gangwon-do in the northeast, which has the longest winter in Korea and the filming location of many Korean dramas. Go to the hot springs and drink a glass of shochu, and enjoy the romantic New Year’s Eve.
  • The hometown of Santa Claus-Finland Santa Claus Village: Located on the Arctic Circle, the Santa Claus Village is the only Santa Claus hometown recognized by the United Nations. It is a fairy tale world decorated with snow, Christmas music, and colorful lights. It is also the best place to bring children to visit Santa Claus.
  • Food, Wine, and Fairy Tale Castle-Prague Castle, Czech Republic: Enjoy delicious food and wine in the Old Town, watch fireworks in front of Prague Castle, and spend “Silvestr” (New Year’s Eve in the Czech Republic). You can also go to the well-known bar “Roxy Club” to party all night, toasting to countdown, and welcoming the New Year.
  • Artist’s Carnival Night-Vienna Philharmonic Center, Austria: If you want a cultural journey with temperament, you could go to Vienna for New Year’s Eve and count down gracefully. Watch the opera and enjoy the famous New Year’s Eve concert in the Vienna Philharmonic Center, cultivate your temperament in the musical feast, and spend the New Year’s Eve quietly.
Beautiful dawn in New Zealand. (Photo via unsplash.com)

Even if you can’t go to the scene to experience the New Year’s Eve fireworks this year, you can follow the news reports of major media and online live broadcast software, such as the app and website of VNYE, allowing you to explore the virtual world of Times Square and experience Times Square’s New Year’s Eve countdown. Watch live broadcasts of seven major New Year’s Eve celebrations around the world.

I believe that you already have the New Year’s Eve that you yearn for. Even if you can’t realize it right away, you could just prepare it in advance, so that we can have more time to spend with our family and friends. Maybe you are a wanderer working or studying outside, because of the epidemic, you couldn’t fly back to the hometown you miss and spend the New Year with your family. Let us cross the distance and experience the splendid bloom of beautiful sparks with our hearts. Calm down, pray for the peace of the world, cherish the existing peace and happiness, and promise a new hope of flying across the world together next year.

Toast together to welcome the new year. (Photo via pexels.com)

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