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Christmas Gift Guide: Top 10 Gifts that Netizens Mention Most Frequently

by Wisdom Frida

According to data from i-Buzz, the gifts most frequently mentioned by netizens include fragrances, perfumes, and mobile phones. The gifts most people don’t want to receive are mugs, toilet paper, and traffic cones!

A thoughtful Christmas gift will make the recipient feel sweet. (Photo via Pixabay)

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – Christmas is coming in one month, are you ready to exchange gifts? If it is a family who lives together, perhaps the giver understands their preferences or needs. But if it’s a friend you don’t meet often, what kind of gift should you give? Many people will worry about the problem of giving gifts. At this time, you may wish to refer to gifts often mentioned by netizens, which may bring you some inspiration.

Reference for exchanging gifts

According to data from i-Buzz, the Internet Word of Mouth Research Center, the most frequently mentioned gifts by netizens are mainly fragrance gifts, including perfumes, essential oils, and other products. Followed by mobile phones, face masks, and chocolates. The statistical period for this data is from January 2020 to September 2021.

Top 10 gifts most frequently mentioned by netizens

1. Fragrance
2. Perfume
3. Mobile phone
4. Face mask
5. Chocolate
6. Mask
7. Necklace
8. Earrings
9. Hand Cream
10. Boutique
Source: i-Buzz

On the other hand, i-Buzz also sorted out the worst gifts that netizens felt. Every year after Christmas, some netizens complain about the gifts they receive. The top three products include mugs, toilet paper, traffic cones, and other products. The main reason is that these gifts seem to be practical, but people cannot satisfy the joy of “opening gifts.”

Top 10 gifts that netizens don’t want to receive

1. Mug
2. Toilet paper
3. Traffic cone
4. Doll
5. Toilet
6. Chinese Red Envelopes Pack
7. Headphones
8. Christmas tree
9. Underpants
10. Annual Calendar
Source: i-Buzz

Practical and romantic gifts

Looking at the above rankings, most of the gifts that netizens often mention are both “practical” and “romantic.” For example, the use of scented candles, essential oils, or perfumes is inherently a joyful thing. Even chocolate is on the list because it can indeed bring good feelings. Except for a few people who don’t eat sweets, how many people can resist the charm of chocolate? Therefore, the chocolate gift box is one of the common choices for gifts.

Give gifts attentively

It is undeniable that everyone uses mugs in their lives, but because of this, almost everyone has several mugs in their homes; mugs can no longer bring people a pleasant surprise. Unless your friend is collecting a certain series of mugs or looking for special patterns, please think before sending out mugs. In addition, underwear and underwear are personal items; please do not treat them as gifts to avoid increasing the troubles of recipients.

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