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Corporate Philanthropy Day Sales Held By Foundation Led By Angelo Koo Empower Schoolchildren in Remote Taiwan

by Ansel Mark
Participants pose for a photo during the Corporate Philanthropy Day event. (Courtesy of China Development Foundation)

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – The China Development Foundation (CDF) held the annual CDF “Corporate Philanthropy Day” at its headquarters, inviting 14 public welfare organizations across Taiwan to sell their goods before the Chinese New Year. 

CDIB Capital Group Chairman and CDF Chairman Angelo Koo deeply believes that “education is the most valuable investment” and that only education and knowledge can help children with insufficient resources to escape poverty. Since taking over as the chairman in 2006, he has used the foundation as a platform to promote various scholarships and charity programs. Koo is a key figure in Taiwan’s financial sector and a philanthropist. He donated in his personal capacity one million surgical masks to New Jersey in April 2020.

Stefano Paolo Bertamini, President and CEO of CDF, participated in the event for the first time and called on colleagues to show support through actions. “CDF has been realizing the UNSDG (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) to make “Responsible Production and Consumption” by increasing the procurement amount of socially innovative goods year by year,” said Bertamini. In 2020, CDF and its life insurance team, China Life both were awarded the “Buying Power Award for Socially Innovative Products and Services” by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. ” The “Corporate Philanthropy Day” has been a CDF tradition for years. 

This year, the stand put together from the 26 schoolchildren and teachers of Daxing Elementary School in Yunlin County drew crowds who purchased sweet potatoes produced in Dagou Village to raise funds for the school’s talent program. “The sales of the potatoes exceeded NT$300k nearly enough to pay for the after-school writing and dance classes,” said Principal Chen Ying-ru. Meanwhile, the first and second graders put on lively Chinese New Year-style performances, and the fifth and sixth graders introduced their school in fluent English to Mr. Bertamini. 

China Development Foundation Chairman and CDIB Capital Group Chairman Angelo Koo. (Courtesy of China Development Foundation)

The Foundation has long supported Daxing Elementary School, located in remote-area in Yunlin. In addition to the charity sale, KGI Bank planned a “Money Management Master Course for Kids,” which introduced to the children the basic concepts of financial management. They not only learn about personal credit and income and expenditures balance, but learn about the foreign exchange market. They also attended a special guided tour of the branch, learning how ATMs, the counter service, and the wealth-management center function.

Every year, CDF organizes the “Corporate Philanthropy Day” through the Foundation to show support for the public welfare organizations. The Foundation also runs other ESG projects, such as “Heritage 100 X Tutelage 100”, “Nutrition 100”, “The Little Flying Elephant in Our Class”, “Vocational Education Scholarship” and the “Ai Xin Chan Bao Bao” (loving, hungry babies) which encourage employees to make year-long purchase of bread from the shelter workshop as a way of giving back to society.

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