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Research Shows Too Many Toys Make Children Lose Concentration

by Derrick Smith

Does your child like toys? Or are you used to buying toys for your children? Studies have shown that too many toys can cause children to lose concentration. Please choose suitable toys for your child.

Too many toys make children unable to concentrate. (Photo via Pixabay.com)

Toledo, OH (Merxwire) – The toy itself is good, in addition to training child’s concentration and creativity, but also allows them to explore interest. However, some parents will buy a large number of different styles of toys for their children to play with, which is not suitable. A study in the United States found that the more toys a child have, the lower the happiness index and the more likely to lose concentration.

Toys & Concentration

We all understand the importance of toys to children, but if you have a lot of toys at home, you must pay attention! A study published in Infant Behavior and Development in the United States showed that too many toy choices could make children lose concentration because children cannot concentrate on thinking under excessive choices, which reduces the chance of developing creativity and imagination.

Do you find that children are easily attracted to new toys, so they love the new and loathe the old. This kind of children have difficulty concentrating on playing with a toy, and after forming a habit, they will also be unable to concentrate in school or work. These habits not only affect child’s intellectual development from childhood but also affect their lives.

Building blocks are educational toys. (Photo via Pixabay.com)

Proper training

You can reduce the number of toys to train your child’s concentration without feeling boring. When a child does not have too many toy choices, he will spend more time studying how to play with toys. In the process, in addition to training the child’s concentration, it also allows the child to learn the ability to explore things.

A toy can also have many ways to play. For example, building blocks can be sorted by color, they can be stacked into towers, they can be stacked into castles or robots, and they can also be used to play bowling or learn mathematics. Creating some novel ways of playing with limited toys will exercise child’s creativity.

Children need the company of friends. (Photo via Pixabay.com)

Selection of toys

When there are not many toys, children usually cherish existing toys more. You can buy building blocks and puzzles for your children. These toys are simple in style and have many ways to play. They are suitable for children of multiple ages. Parents can also play piano, drums, flutes and other musical instruments with their children to cultivate their sense of music and coordination.

Sports toys such as balls can train child’s muscle development and outdoor sports habits. Drawing-type toys are very suitable for inspiring child’s creative inspiration. As long as you provide some paper and pens, or different color tools, you can enhance your child’s creativity and imagination.

When children are bored with existing toys, perhaps they need the company of friends to inspire new ways of playing with them instead of new toys. If you have time to accompany your children, you don’t have to have many toys at home. Taking the children on outdoor outings and learning about plants and insects is also good growth training.

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