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English and Maths are Important Learning Items & Skills

by Wisdom Frida

English and Maths are important skills, and they are all attracting attention in any exam qualification. English and Mathematics Level 2 functional skills have become popular choices.

Birmingham, U.K. (Merxwire) – Almost everyone will learn English and Maths in their lives. Although some people may doubt the usefulness of obtaining these two qualifications, no one can deny the importance of these two subjects for any career or future education. For learners who wish to obtain Level 2 qualifications in a short time, Functional Skills English and Maths Level 2 has become a popular choice.

Some people do not use English or Maths skills in their jobs, so they may have doubts, do they still need to learn these two subjects? According to statistics, employers still want employees to have at least level 2 education before inviting them for interviews. Most applicants find that they are at a disadvantage because of this.

There are various ways to achieve a level 2 in English and Maths and below, we will look at some of the options:

GCSE English and Maths

GCSEs were introduced in 1988, predominantly for learners who wished to leave school at the age of 16 not wishing to further their academic studies, by way of A Levels or University degree. The intention was to create a national qualification that included more subject options. International GCSEs are the international option, and these allow learners to study in over 100 countries throughout the world gaining a valuable qualification.

Functional Skills English and Maths

Functional Skills English and Maths were introduced in 2007, initially on a three-year pilot programme, with the intention of developing qualifications that would be suitable for all learners. There are five levels to this qualification and three subject areas. Functional Skills Level 2 are equivalent to a GCSE pass and accepted by universities and employers.

English and Maths Level 2 Certificate of Achievement

Unlike Functional Skills and GCSE, a certificate of achievement is not a recognised qualification but still serves a purpose. The level of difficulty is equivalent to GCSE or Functional Skills and is a recognition that you have completed the necessary assessments to prove your capabilities in this area. This is still useful to employers and colleges as an indication of your skill set and will provide you with confidence in these areas.

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