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Art Enriches Our Lives, Art Tainan 2021 Unveiled

by Irma Katherine

ART TAINAN 2021 was unveiled today in Tainan, Taiwan. From March 12 to March 14, a total of 56 galleries and more than 200 domestic and foreign artists exhibited more than 1,800 works of art.

Tainan, Taipei (Merxwire) – This year’s ART TAIWAN 2021 has 56 galleries participating in 63 exhibition rooms, setting a record for the number of participating galleries in previous years.

Many people think that they don’t know how to appreciate art. You don’t necessarily need to know how to appreciate art. Just like we don’t need to understand interior design but can enjoy life, we can still drive a comfortable car on the road if we don’t understand mechanical engineering.

(Photo via pexels.com)

Much is said about the drawbacks of an artist’s life – the loneliness, the doubt, and the inherent difficulty of the trade all make artistic endeavors seem… undesirable. Yet many artists will argue that, at the end of the day, life is meaningless without art. Not only is it, for them, a way of life and an outlet for their passions. It has grown to become a necessity for survival. When people say art saves lives, they actually aren’t kidding. And what’s even better, you don’t need to be a certified, bona fide artist to lead an artistic existence.

According to British research, art makes life better:

1. Art provides a social connection.

As humans, we thrive on social interaction, and implicitly, we deteriorate when that interaction is absent. Creating art allows us to connect to other people with similar interests and passions. And it’s not just random strangers, but people who can actually understand your struggles, self-doubts, and so on.

By following artist’s news websites and forums, you come into contact with people who share your hobbies and understand what’s going on in your mind. This way, you form an almost instantaneous connection, which in turn allows you to feel more grounded, and understood.

2. Art is therapeutic.

You’ve undoubtedly heard of art therapy, and maybe you’ve looked at it with some skepticism. Well, let’s see just why art can be therapeutic. When you attend a normal therapy session, it’s believed that by talking out your problems, you will eventually reach a solution.

Not only that, but through exploring these problems, you come to a higher level of self-understanding. And often, this doesn’t come from something external your therapist says, but rather through simple self-observation.

Creating art provides the same therapeutic effect – it allows you to work through the kinks inside your mind, regardless if you’re laying them out on a canvas, or acting, or even wording them on the blank page.

3. It boosts your self-esteem.

Art can have an amazingly positive effect on the artist. Why? Because you’re essentially creating something beautiful and new. Quite often, depression and frustration stem from unproductive pastimes, but in creating art, you are doing something productive and good. This allows you to value time spent creating more highly than you would the time you spent procrastinating, for example.

4. Art stimulates brain activity.

When we lead dull, unstimulating lives, we become more depressive and tend to get “stuck in a rut”, at least mentally. We need to be exposed to new, exciting things each day, to keep the mental wheels spinning, and art does just that.

Firstly, when creating art, you’re constantly exploring new ideas, themes, and so on. And second, as an artist, you begin following artist’s news websites and pages, as well as delving deeper into your respective art. This stimulates the brain and has a cathartic effect mentally.

5. It makes your time truly matter.

Regardless if you’re practicing art as a lifestyle or just a hobby, you are engaging in a productive and satisfying occupation. When you consider alternatives, such as scrolling through Facebook or binging the latest TV show on Netflix, you can see all these are passive pastimes.

Creating art, even amateur art, requires active commitment to work, and that immediately makes the time spent practicing said art more valuable. COVID-19 has caused the suspension of art exhibitions worldwide, but the epidemic in Taiwan has been stably controlled, and people can travel freely in the country. Dilettantes are welcome to visit these creative artworks at the exhibition site this weekend.

Exhibition Information:
Location: Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan
Address: No. 89, Sec. W., Daxue Rd., East Dist., Tainan City, Taiwan
Date and Time: March 12, 2021 1200~1900 / March 13, 2021 1200~1900 / March 14, 2021 1200~1800
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/art.fair.tainan/

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