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Dr. Lisa Sistrunk Released Essential Parenting Guide for Parents Raising Tween Daughters

by Sheila Nelly

Dr. Lisa Sistrunk released “Her 12th Year: She’s Not So Little Anymore”, which is a quintessential parental guide for raising daughters ages 11 to 14.

Atlanta, GA (Merxwire) – Do you have a daughter between 11 and 14 years old? If you are still trying to understand what your daughter is thinking or how to communicate with your daughter, you should read Dr. Lisa Sistrunk’s book “Her 12th Year: She’s Not So Little Anymore”. This book will guide parents to try to solve some problems, such as sex, drugs, self-love, menstrual cycles, friends, driving, and even spirituality with their daughter ages 11 to 14.

When Dr. Lisa’s daughter Kamaria was 12 years old, they had conversations every week to prepare for her daughter’s adulthood. This book considers relevant notes from the perspective of parents. Teenage girls can also find value in the book when reading the part of “Kamaria’s story” to understand that they are not alone in their growing up.

According to Kamaria, “As a tween, I thought these conversations were HIGHLY awkward and uncomfortable, especially the one about sex… However, as I grew into my teen, and then young adult, years, I knew there was nothing I couldn’t tell my mother.”

The book is available on Amazon and at www.Her12thYear.com in both paperback and eBook versions, starting at $9.99 for the eBook and $19.99 for the paperback. The book was launched via YouTubeInstagram, and Facebook: @DHElevation on Feb. 10.

“These parent/daughter bonds are irreplaceable and are essential to the proper growth and development of our girls,” Dr. Lisa said. “Reading this will strengthen the relationships we have with our daughters to make their lives more rewarding, even when us parents aren’t around.”

What readers are saying:

“It helps you to realize that your child is not going through these changes alone and neither are you!” -Dr. Jawanna Smith Wilkins, mother of a 14-year-old.

“I was impressed at the unapologetic ferocity of your mothering…”-Ann Perry Wallace, mother of 11- and 16-year-old.

“10 out of 10,” -Dr. James C. Rodriquez, President & CEO of Fathers & Families Coalition of America.

More about Dr. Lisa

Dr. Lisa is the CEO of Metro Atlanta-based, DH Elevation Consulting, and a national and international master trainer and motivational speaker. Her passion is guiding young adults into healthy leaders of their own lives as they journey into adulthood.  You are invited to join the “12th Year Community” at www.Her12thYear.com. You can also check out her @Dhelevation on YouTube Channel “Elevate Your Ordinary,” Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter.

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