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The Bridge Builders, Esq., the First National Virtual Mentorship Program Successfully Launched

by Audrey Hazel

With the successful launch of the National Virtual Mentorship Program, aspiring Black law students can receive support and guidance. If you are also a member, please contact us and become a professional black lawyer together.

Houston, Tex (Merxwire) – The Bridge Builders, Esq., the first national virtual mentorship program created specifically for aspiring Black lawyers. The program originated from Evangeline M. Mitchell, Esq., and was successfully launched during National Mentoring Month. She devoted her life to providing game-changing information, resources, and connections to pre-law to help increase the number of black law students and lawyers.

The Bridge Builders is an extension work of Evangeline M. Mitchell, Esq. She believes that the most important thing is to enable aspiring people to get support and seek admission to law school to obtain additional guidance in future challenges. The program is organized and administered by Attorney Mitchell’s non-profit organization, National Pre-Law Diversity Initiatives, Inc. They have officially partnered with the National Black Law Students Association’s Pre-Law Division, the National Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Division, and the National Bar Association’s Law Students Division.

In order to ensure that there are engaged, culturally aware and community-minded Black law students and lawyers available and ready to serve, Mitchell worked in collaboration with Andrea Rivers, immediate past National Chair of the Pre-Law Division for the National Black Law Students Association (NBLSA), Onika K. Williams, Esq., National Chair of the National Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Division (NBA-YLD), and Jermel Singleton, National Chair of the National Bar Association’s Law Student Division (NBA-LSD) in order to successfully launch.

This initiative is unique because aspiring Black lawyers are not just paired with a one-on-one mentor. Instead, they are assigned a “mentoring circle” consisting of a current Black law student and a Black lawyer, as well as 4 to 5 pre-law students who would serve as accountability partners to one another. The intention is that this small group could come together to create a “circle of support” to help pre-law students to forge forward in their pursuit of law school, instead of giving up prematurely because of having to navigate the difficult and highly competitive process alone. During mentoring sessions, pre-law students will be able to learn more about law school admissions, the law school experience, the practice of law, as well as several other topics that are critical to academic and professional success.

The inaugural class includes 72 Black lawyer mentors and 72 Black law student mentors, or “Bridge Builders” who will co-lead mentoring their circles of 5 to 6 pre-law students. This year, over 370 pre-law students from all over the country will benefit from the program.

According to Attorney Mitchell, “What many potential Black law school applicants are missing is that don’t have lawyers in their families, extended families, or social circles. They will be the very first to become lawyers. Many just don’t have anyone to go to who will help them and are willing to pour into and invest in their future success. We all know that having a support system is absolutely critical, a game-changer. Pursuing a challenging path like becoming a lawyer is not something most people can see to the finish line without support and relationships. This program aims to fill that void by providing the extended support that they need to keep moving forward.”

The mentorship program is open to aspiring Black lawyers from high school students to college students to college graduates, working professionals, and career changers. All participants must commit to virtual meetings monthly for an entire year. They will also receive complimentary pre-law resources and additional perks. Applications for the 2021 class is now closed. However, applications for the 2022 classes of lawyer mentors, law student mentors, and pre-law mentees are currently being accepted. This program is provided at absolutely no cost to participants.

More information please visit: https://bridgebuildersesq.org/

SOURCE National Pre-Law Diversity Initiatives, Inc.

Media Contact Information:
Contact Person: Evangeline M. Mitchell
Email: bridgebuildersesq@gmail.com

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