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Experience the Reputation of the Fruit Kingdom, An Island that Abounds with Fruit in All Seasons

by Irma Katherine

Taiwan is warm in winter, hot in summer, and full of sunshine. It is a paradise suitable for fruit growth! No matter what season, Taiwan can produce sweet fruits, so Taiwan is called “The Kingdom of Fruits.”

Taichung, Taiwan (Merxwire) – Taiwan is warm all year round, and there are Tropic of Cancer passing through, so it has a tropical and subtropical climate. It is warm in winter, hot in summer, and full of sunshine. It is a paradise for fruit growth! The most famous ones are pineapples, mangos, bananas, litchi, and unique jambu fruit, star fruit, longan, and so on. If you visit Taiwan, you will find that fruits are everywhere, and people from all over the world love Taiwanese fruits!

Top 1 Fruits in Taiwan: Banana

Taiwan produces bananas all year round. The main production areas are in the Qishan District, Namaxia District, and Neiman District in Kaohsiung City; Shanshang District in Tainan City; the rest are distributed in Pingtung County and Taitung County. In 2019, more than 2,715 metric tons of Taiwanese bananas were exported to Japan. In recent years, Taiwanese convenience stores have also sold bananas. They are one of the most commonly eaten fruits in Taiwan.

Top 2 Fruits in Taiwan: Pineapple

The hotter the climate, the better the flavor and sweetness of pineapples, so Taiwan has an advantage in growing pineapples. In 2019, the export sales of Kaohsiung pineapple reached 6,140 metric tons, of which 6071 metric tons were exported to Mainland China, accounting for more than 90% of the foreign sales, and 25 metric tons were exported to Japan. Taiwan pineapples are also used to make cakes. Pineapple Cake is a popular gift, whether in Taiwan or abroad.

Top 3 Fruits in Taiwan: Mango

Taiwanese mangoes have been improved, with rich and sweet flesh. The planting area of mangoes is about 16,000 hectares, mainly in Tainan and Pingtung. In recent years, Taiwanese mangoes have exported 4000 to 5000 metric tons every year to Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and China, and they are loved by Asians. When you visit Taiwan in the summer, you can find “mango ice” in the ice shop. Please try it!

Top 4 Fruits in Taiwan: Jambu fruit

Jambu fruit is grown in relatively few countries. The production season is from December to May. The main producing areas of Taiwan are Kaohsiung and Pingtung. Its taste is juicy and crispy. The export regions are China, Hong Kong and Canada. In recent years, the export volume of Jambu fruit is about 3000 metric tons per year.

Top 5 Fruits in Taiwan: Pomelo

At Mid-Autumn Festival, Pomelo is a must-eat fruit in Taiwanese tradition. The production period is from August to October. The main producing areas in Taiwan are Hualien, Tainan, Miaoli, New Taipei, Yilan, Yunlin, Chiayi, and are mainly exported to China, Hong Kong, and Canada. The export volume of Taiwan grapefruit is about 3,500 metric tons per year.

Taiwan has grapes in summer and winter

Up to 70% of Taiwan’s area is mountainous. This island has tropical, subtropical and temperate climates. The advantage of the climate makes Taiwan’s fruit abound, where you can eat fresh grapes in summer and winter.

Many farmers also operate sightseeing orchards or farms to generate additional income. (Photo via Merxwire)


The mountainous area of central Taiwan grows delicious grapes in summer and winter. (Photo via Merxwire)


Ripe grapes are wrapped in paper bags. (Photo via Merxwire)

Whether you walk into Taiwan’s traditional markets or supermarkets, or even convenience stores, you can find all kinds of fruits. Some seasonal fruits have been improved and can be supplied throughout the year. There are various kinds of fruits throughout the year, showing the strength and pride of Taiwan’s fruit kingdom. Fruits can also be made into jams, dried fruits, and desserts, with unlimited development potential.

Although Taiwan is known as the Kingdom of Fruits, due to global warming and extreme weather, some fruits have not bloomed or fruited in recent years, and bees have gradually been unable to gather honey. The impact of climate change is greater than we thought. It not only affects ecology but also affects agricultural development. Let’s protect the earth together! Let our next generations also eat sweet Taiwanese fruits.

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